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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Nutrition & Wellness (3)

Don't Start an Elimination Diet Without Reading These Tips for Success

  If your child is exibiting signs of behavioral, physical, and/or emotional symptoms in response to what they eat, it may be time to begin implement […]

Four Ingredient Nutrition Swap: 4 Foods to Avoid and 4 Foods to Boost in

January is a popular month to evaluate food choices. Many families resolve to eat healthier but can easily lose focus without a plan. The following […]

3 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving

Bring out the cornucopia and baste that turkey! Thanksgiving is here in all its glory, complete with fall, food and family. The holidays can be a […]

Back to School: Make-ahead, Clean Eating Lunch Ideas

-Holly Larson, RD

Kid-Friendly, High Calorie Recipes

More Savory Balance 360 Approved Alternatives to PediaSure®  : Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Clean Eating

Pumpkin Power: Balance 360 Approved Recipe Included!

Pumpkin is in season and with this cheerful orange vegetable comes a lot of treats. Many of the traditional pumpkin goodies are junky. […]

Tips to Celebrate a Candy-Free Halloween (and still have fun!)


Ways to Reward Good Classroom Behavior Without Sugar

Classroom Party Treat Alternatives and Candy Free Teacher Reward Ideas It is back to school time; with the new pencils and backpacks come classroom […]

6 Strategies for Back to School with Clean Eating