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Brain Balance Blog:

It's Autism Awareness Month! Learn More About the Spectrum of Disorders that Comprise Autism

Every April, we commemorate Autism Awareness Month. Why is it important to recognize autism with its own month? Early identification of autism in […]

3 Tips for Making a New Friend

The ability to make new friends is something that can a challenge for any child. There is always some anxiety involved with approaching and talking […]

How to Calm Meltdowns in Children with Asperger Syndrome (ASD)

All kids throw tantrums. They fuss, they scream, they cry and sometimes, they even throw things. They do this at home and in public because they're […]

The Power of Movement in Kids Who Struggle

From dancing to playground games, movement has been shown to be a powerful force when it comes to helping children with challenges related to […]

How Social Stories Can Help Children Who Struggle

The concept of Social Stories has been around since the early 1990s, when it was first devised by consultant to children and adults with autism Carol […]

Explaining Learning Differences to Your Child

Teaching Kids with Asperger Syndrome (ASD): 8 Key Insights Every Educator Should Know

Asperger syndrome (ASD) is a developmental disorder recognized under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) broad […]

Vacation Destinations for Kids Who Struggle

Vacation planning tips for families with children who struggle with sensory, social and behavioral issues.

Theory of Mind in ADHD

The cognitive ability known as theory of mind allows us to understand that other people have mental states such as thoughts, ideas and knowledge that […]