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Facts about picky eating you need to know

Do you feel frustrated by how few foods your picky eater will eat? Does dinnertime feel more like a battle ground then a peaceful end to your long […]

The COVID Slide: Helping Parents and Kids Climb Back Up

There’s a new slide in town—a slide you won’t find on the school playground. Known as the COVID Slide, it describes the decline in academic retention […]

Defiant Behavior: What's Happening in the Brain?

  When a child displays defiant behavior, it can feel baffling and challenging for parents. Oppositional and defiant behavior can also be a sign of […]

Top Brain Games that Improve a Student's Focus and Attention

  There is no shortage of brain games available, and in recent years, their popularity has continued to rise — particularly among those with ADHD and […]

Brain Boosting Foods for Kids

The connection between our diets and brain function is an important topic. At Brain Balance, we work to improve behaviors, attention and focus, […]

Summer Outdoor Activities That Build Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skills relate to hand-eye coordination and control over small muscles, but gross motor skills cover a much broader set of skills. Kids […]

A Fresh Start on Picky Eating

  - Holly Larson, RD Many families are frustrated by the limitations of their picky eater.  If you happen to fall into this category, you’re not […]

Alternatives to Valentine's Day Sweets

- Holly Larson, RD Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the typical fare is full of sugar, artificial dyes and processed food. Not only can these […]

Don't Start an Elimination Diet Without Reading These Tips for Success

  If your child is exibiting signs of behavioral, physical, and/or emotional symptoms in response to what they eat, it may be time to begin implement […]