Ways to Reward Good Classroom Behavior Without Sugar

Classroom Party Treat Alternatives and Candy Free Teacher Reward Ideas

It is back to school time; with the new pencils and backpacks come classroom birthday parties, pizza parties and lots of junky rewards. How can we follow our clean eating goals at school? Here are a few alternatives to work with your school. It is possible to reward your children and celebrate without junk.

Classroom Alternatives to Candy

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Playdough
  • Bubbles
  • Money to school store

Individual Student Rewards

  • Pass to skip one homework assignment
  • Opportunity to go to the cafeteria first
  • Pick a different seat for the day
  • Lunch with the teacher or a different class

Group/Class Rewards

  • Extra recess time
  • Dance party in class
  • Dress up day - class votes! (PJs, Hats, etc)
  • Class game day (kick ball! Board games!)
  • Class gets to march design flag and hang on school flag pole
  • Class gets to visit animal shelter

Birthday Party Treat Alternatives

  • Book swap
  • White elephant gift exchange with inexpensive presents
  • Fruit smoothie party
  • Popcorn party - bring an air popper and different spices for toppings
  • Do a craft project together as a class


  • Sell flowers, seed packets and other gardening supplies
  • Sell tickets to throw water balloons or snowballs at teachers or the school principal
  • Host a car, bike or dog wash

With a bit of creativity and forethought, we can have a fun, productive and healthy school year.

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