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Screen Time

Cut Screen Time Now: 10 Fun Family Activities for a Healthy Tech Detox

If you're a parent with kids living in the digital world, there's a good chance you've thought long and hard about screen time. You may have even […]

Common Holiday Screen Time Pitfalls for Families

The holidays are almost here, and that also means a break from the school routine. It can be hard to figure out how to keep your kids engaged and […]

Tips for a Fortnite-Free Summer

Is your child into the extremely popular video game Fortnite? If so, it may have started to consume their entire life. With the summer coming up, […]

Top 10 Parenting Resolutions

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your parenting techniques? If so, you aren’t alone! There are several resolutions you can make to be […]

Screen-Free Travel Activities That Kids Will Love!

If you're concerned that too much screen time will hurt your kids, your fears are not unfounded. Multiple studies show links between excessive screen […]

Oppositional Defiance and Violent Video Games: Just Say No!

Many kids start to push back against their parents as they develop a sense of independence, but for some kids excessive defiance signals major […]

Tips for a Screen-Free Summer

Screen time and watching TV has been linked to brain changes in kids, and too much daily screen time means children have less time for play and […]

Tips for Managing Too Much Screen Time at School

More and more schools are using screens in the classroom. While technology is often an asset for many kids, the health issues related to too much […]

Kid-Friendly Brain Building Games

Setting screen time limits is important to healthy childhood development, due to the findings of a recent study that showed, "preschoolers with […]