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Brain Balance Blog:

The COVID Slide: Helping Parents and Kids Climb Back Up

There’s a new slide in town—a slide you won’t find on the school playground. Known as the COVID Slide, it describes the decline in academic retention […]

Can Parents Submit Homework Reduction Requests? Understanding SDIs and IEPs

When a student struggles with learning and attention, school can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there is a fairly widespread understanding of these […]

Homework Refusal: Is It Laziness or Executive Functioning Issues?

It's not uncommon for kids to be unexcited about doing homework. For some kids, this lack of enthusiasm translates into putting off homework or […]

Helping Too Much? Homework Tips for Parents

Of course, any parent wants to see their child succeed in school, and it can be tempting to help them with their work in order to ensure it gets […]

End Homework Anxiety: Stress-Busting Techniques for Your Child

Sometimes kids dread homework because they'd rather be outside playing when they're not at school. But, sometimes a child's resistance to homework is […]

How to Overcome Homework Avoidance

Avoiding homework can be pretty typical behavior for students who spend all day in school and want to spend time at home running and playing. […]

Tips to Get Your Child to Slow Down, Self-Monitor and Check Their School Work

For kids with ADHD and learning disorders, simply doing homework can be a challenge. So doing it carefully and completely? That might feel impossible […]

5 Common Homework Assignment Misses and How to Avoid Them

The pressure of a perfect homework score can overwhelming, so there is something to be said for embracing mistakes as a learning opportunity. […]