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Brain Balance Blog:
Confidence Building

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail in Kids Who Struggle

Even for kids, making a new year's resolution is a popular way to ring in the new year. However, it can be tough to stick to a new year's […]

Normal Social Expectations by Age

As a parent, it's tough to identify whether or not your chid's social skills are age-appropriate, as expected. After all, each child is unique, and […]

Gratitude and the Brain: What is Happening?

Practicing gratitude and positive thinking on a daily basis throughout the year can change your brain and your life! The same area of the brain that […]

Signs and Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Human connections play a vital role in both physical and mental health, making persistent anxiety relating to social interaction a barrier to […]

Avoid These 4 Phrases That Destroy Testing Confidence

Testing is a tough but important part of schooling for any child. However, students who struggle academically or who have learning challenges can […]

Top 3 Back to School Strategies That Improve Student Confidence

Imagine if you had to change your workplace once a year. Every fall, you have a new boss, new project demands, unfamiliar expectations, and maybe […]

Parent-Free, Active Play Ideas for a Rainy Day

When the rain hits and the kids are at home, everyone can get a bit antsy. If you start to feel like your kids or teens are under your foot, you're […]

Special Needs Summer Camp Planning for the Procrastinator

Wait - you haven't finished putting away winter clothes and it's summer already? If you feel unprepared for the season ahead, you're in good company. […]

3 Simple Steps to a Successful Summer

Ah, summer. It's relaxing for plenty of kids but few parents. Especially when your kid has behavioral or social issues, summer can be one of the more […]