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Brain Balance Blog:
Special Needs

How to Survive Special Education IEP Battles

When you have a child that has special learning needs, it can feel like a challenge to ensure they're getting adequate education and attention at […]

Special Needs Child Care: 4 Critical Questions to Find the Perfect Fit

5 Ways to Increase Your Child's Self Confidence

Self-esteem or self confidence is essentially the worth or value a person assigns to themselves. It's related to how capable they feel. This is based […]

Self-Care for Parents of Kids with Behavioral Challenges

Being the parent of a child with ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, or other behavioral challenges is an around-the-clock job -- but you already knew that. […]

Sports and Special Needs: Tips for Working With Your Child’s Coach

When your child struggles in the classroom, his or her participation in sports can provide a welcome dose of joy and a place to shine. It’s important […]

Ways to Support the Sibling of a Child with Academic, Social or Behavioral Challenges

What to Do When a Teacher Isn’t Supportive of a Student’s Needs

Finding Social Support as a Parent of a Child with Extra Needs

If your a parent of a child with learning differences, ADHD, social or behavioral issues looking for a supportive group who understands, the […]

Take the Fright Out of the First Day

Help Your Child Manage Back to School Jitters with These Tips!