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Brain Balance Blog:
Test Taking

Final Exam Tips for Students with Learning Differences

Top 5 Brain-Boosting Foods to Eat on Test Day

It’s test day - a time when your mind and body need to be working at their prime. A sharp mind is most important when taking a test, so eating the […]

Note-Taking Strategies for Middle Schoolers

Learning how to learn is an important part of schooling for students of any age. But learning effective academic habits and study skills is […]

Avoid These 4 Phrases That Destroy Testing Confidence

Testing is a tough but important part of schooling for any child. However, students who struggle academically or who have learning challenges can […]

Top 3 Tips for Developing College-Worthy Study Habits

There are lots of things that students learn in high school that help prepare them for college. One of the most important is how to study and be […]

Visual Timers for Test Taking: Friend or Foe?

Learners with special needs, particularly those with attention disorders, may suffer from test anxiety. Timed tests force students to work quickly […]

Standardized Testing Tips That Guarantee Success

Kids struggling with learning or behavioral issues often have problems earning high scores on standardized tests. Just because your child has a hard […]

How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Like acne and growth spurts, test anxiety is a pretty normal part of being a kid. Being nervous about taking tests isn't reserved for students with […]