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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Lack of focus

How to Stay Focused at School Despite Holiday Distractions

  As the holidays approach along with the promise of an extended break from schoolwork, students may get distracted from work in the classroom. Many […]

Normal Attention Span Expectations By Age

"Pay attention!" "Focus!" "Just two more pages, then you can take a break." Virtually all parents have tried pleading with their kids to get them to […]

Water Play Activities That Help Improve an ADHD Student's Focus

The hot days of summer are the perfect time to break out the water play. Not only will this type of sensory activity help cool kids down and burn off […]

3 Tips for Keeping Your Child with ADHD on Track with Schoolwork and Chores

Does your child with ADHD fail to finish schoolwork or chores? Use these tips to help an easily distracted student. Getting kids to complete homework […]

Stick With It! Teaching Your Child the Power of Perseverance

Following through with difficult tasks requires sustained mental or physical effort. It’s a toughness that we develop over time that allows us to […]

Get Organized in 2018! Tips for Students with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes your child's brain a virtual beehive of activity. The various buzzing thoughts often lead to very […]

How to Improve Focus in ADHD Students

If your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, you may have noticed that they struggle to focus on tasks that do not interest […]

The Benefits of Exercise for Children with ADHD

Recent findings indicate that intense aerobic exercise for ADHD children may be beneficial by enhancing their brain structure and function. Studies […]

Awesome Activities for Kids With ADHD

Kids with attention issues, hyperactivity, or ADHD, can benefit greatly from having their energy put to good use. These lively children are usually […]