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Back to School

Top 3 Back to School Strategies That Improve Student Confidence

  Imagine if you had to change your workplace once a year. Every fall, you have a new boss, new project demands, unfamiliar expectations, and maybe […]

How to Overcome Common School Bus Fears in Anxious Students

  Riding the bus could be the worst part of your student's school day. Trapped with older kids on a crowded bus, some students may experience […]

Healthy Back to School Lunches that Support Academic Performance

  The weather is cooling off for many of us and our stores are plump with school supplies - it’s that time of the year! New pencils, new teachers the […]

Tips for Making a New Friend in a Friendless Class

  Going back to school can be exciting -- or dreadful. If your child has some social anxiety or struggles to make friends, learning that they won't […]

5 Secrets to Making a Great Impression on Your New Teachers

  For students who struggle with social, behavioral, or academic issues, making nice with the teacher can create a lot of worry. For both parents and […]

Stressed About School? Relax with These Tips

  The first day of school is exciting - and stressful. There are so many "what if's?" Like, what if my best friend isn't in the same class or what if […]

Optimal Back to School Sleep Schedules for Students [by Age]

  Summer vacation goes by fast and before you know it, the kids are back in the classroom. However, after a summer of crazy sleep schedules, it's […]

Surviving the First Day of School: Tips for Kids with Social Anxiety

  Going back to school after summer break is a difficult transition for most kids. They are nervous about the first day, especially having to jump […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask During School Orientation

  It's back-to-school time. Teachers are busy getting their classrooms together, kids are excited to go back-to-school shopping, and parents can't […]