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Brain Balance Blog:

Take a Vacation Time-Out! Tips for Dads

It's all about the kids. Right? Well, yes...and no.

Take a Vacation Time-Out! Tips for Moms

Traveling is tiring. Once you finally get to your destination, however, you're so excited you can't wait to get started. After a day or two, you may […]

Surviving Plane Travel When Your Child Has Behavioral Challenges

Traveling by plane is a boring, physically challenging endeavor for almost everyone, but especially for children with behavioral challenges. Yet, […]

3 Brain-Boosting Vacations That are Fun for Kids

While the beach and amusement parks are popular vacation destinations for families, why not consider taking a vacation that really gets the brain […]

5 Ideas for Educational Road Trips

Top 3 Nature Outings Even the Most Sensory Sensitive Kids Will Love

Being on vacation with sensory sensitive kids or children with a sensory processing disorder can be challenging. You want to make sure everyone in […]

3 Spring Break Vacation Ideas for Parents of High Needs Children

Temperatures are rising and the nightfall is getting later, which means only one thing: Spring break is finally here. Taking a vacation is a great […]

How to Eat Clean While on a Family Vacation

- Holly Larson, RD It’s summertime and you know what that means….. VACATION! Whether you are headed to the beach for a week, road tripping to see […]

The Perfect Staycations for Kids with Learning, Behavioral or Social Issues

If you have kids in your family with social, learning or behavioral challenges, traveling can present unique stresses. Getting the group on a plane […]