The Brain Balance Program®

Unleash Your Child’s Full Potential.

You have an amazing child with unlimited potential. They are bright and do well in many areas. But it may seem like something is getting in the way. They may be unable to pay attention or sit still. Or maybe it’s frequent emotional outbursts, unusually picky eating, or social struggles. In other words, something is “out of balance.”

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Help Your Child Get Back on Track.

The brain is designed to work the same way as an orchestra, performing its different functions at just the right time and in coordinated harmony.

When sections of the brain are weaker than others, like an out-of-tune orchestra, they play the wrong notes and don’t work together as they should. The result is evident in a child’s various behavioral, academic, social, and other difficulties.

The good news is that the brain can change! Extensive scientific research demonstrates that the brain is malleable, allowing for brain connectivity change and development and creating an opportunity for improvement.1

Brain Balance has applied this research to develop a program that focuses on improving the foundation of development and brain connectivity, rather than masking symptoms or coping with them for life.2

How the Program Works


The program requires 1 hour of cognitive training activities per day, paired with a brain-boosting nutrition plan.


Kids can see meaningful improvements in as few as 3 months.2 Program length is based on your child’s unique needs and goals.


Brain Balance is a non-drug, non-medical option for kids. A Harvard study even found it to be an effective alternative to stimulant medication.3


The improvements you see in the program translate to improved behaviors and habits at home and in the classroom.

An In-Depth Look at The Brain Balance Program

How It Works

The Brain Balance Assessment

Brain Balance creates a holistic view of your child through an initial assessment that identifies areas that need to be strengthened. From the results, we create a personalized plan focused on getting your child back on track.

Brain Balance Program Components

The brain can change at any age!

Kids and young adults, ages 4-24, can benefit from the program.

We Start With Two Basic but Crucial Steps.

Step 1

Understand the root cause to your child’s struggles

We conduct a full assessment which helps us understand and accurately identify areas that may be holding your child back.

Step 2

Implement a customized program to strengthen the weaker areas and restore balance

Once we understand the areas that need strengthening, we can develop the Brain Balance plan your child needs to meet their full potential.

Take the First Step by Understanding the Root Causes Behind Your Child’s Challenges.

Brain Balance has helped more than 45,000 children reach their true potential. We understand what you are going through, and we can help you restore balance for your child and your family.

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