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Brain Balance Blog:
Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Signs and Symptoms of Conduct Disorder

10 Ideas for a Family Fresh Start: Improve Defiant and Disruptive Behavior

If you notice that your child is being highly disruptive, defiant, aggressive, or anti-social, it's imperative that you take proactive action — […]

Managing Your Child’s Challenging and Aggressive Behaviors When New Baby Arrives

A new baby in the family is always cause for joy, excitement and celebration. Of course, for the older siblings, it can also be a cause of added […]

How to Manage a Child's Defiant Behavior at Home this Summer

With the school year being finished up at home, many family dynamics have been altered. Increasing your time together is particularly challenging if […]

Disruptive and Inappropriate: When a Child’s Behavior Problems Become a Disorder

Having a child who misbehaves can be extremely challenging for parents and teachers alike. One particular challenge for parents is determining […]

3 Tips for Working with Oppositional Defiance in Teens

At first glance, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) may sound like your average teenager: defiant, argumentative and irritable. However, ODD becomes […]

Tips for When Your Child Just Doesn't Want To

Does your child struggle with a lack of flexibility and resist trying new things? These tips for encouraging and motivating a child who "just doesn't […]

Holiday Travel and Behavioral Issues

Preparing Extended Family for a Visit from a Child with Behavioral Issues

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD): Symptoms and Management

If your child struggles with behavioral issues, they may have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Follow along to learn more about what this […]