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Parenting Challenging Behaviors

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

10AM PT | 12PM CT | 1PM ET

How can you align your parenting to support your child’s behavior goals?

Parents, you’re tirelessly trying to guide your child to improve their behavior. But as your child makes progress, your old parenting strategies may not be nurturing their growth. 

Join our live conversation with Dr. Rebecca Jackson, VP of Programs for Brain Balance and Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Michelle Robertson,  M.M.F.T., Ph.D., as they discuss how to align your parenting styles to support the behavior goals you have for your child. Dr. Robertson will help parents understand how to address challenging behaviors in kids and teens. You’ll get actionable strategies to support your child and encourage improvements in behavior at home and in school.


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On Demand

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How to Help Your Child Build Better Focus

You can practice skills NOW to improve your child’s focus in school. 

Watch our live conversation with  UCSF scientist and researcher, Dr. Courtney Gallen, Ph.D. as they discuss the two types of attention abilities children need for academic success. Dr. Gallen will dive into the latest research on how mindfulness exercises can help improve focus and give tips for what parents can do this summer to set kids up for success in the next school year. 

The Science Behind Focus & Distraction

Lack of focus and being easily distracted can have an impact on all areas of life, but knowing what to do about it is more complex than it seems.

Brain Balance VP of Programs and Outcomes, Dr. Rebecca Jackson sits down with scientist and researcher, Dr. Joaquin Anguera to talk about what the latest science reveals about focus and distraction. Dr. Anguera will share three key things parents need to understand and provide insight into what can be done to improve these areas.

ADHD: Beyond Medication
ADHD: Beyond Medication

Whether you are hoping to avoid the use of medication or your child is currently medicated yet there are still areas of struggle, focusing on a whole-child approach to addressing ADHD is a must. 

Join Dr. Rebecca Jackson to discuss how we can go beyond medication to reduce ADHD symptoms and improve overall well-being. You will also hear from a Brain Balance parent who will share her family's journey.

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Top 10 IEP & 504 Plan Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide

Parenting a student with an IEP or 504 Plan sometimes feels like playing a game of “Whack-a-Mole” – resolve one issue, and another one pops up screaming for attention. Parents need to have a firm understanding of each of these two avenues for school accommodations and services — and a roadmap for what to do when things don’t go right. 

In this webinar, we will look at the top 10 issues that parents encounter with IEPs and 504 Plans.

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Bonding Activities: Effective, Practical Relationship-Building Ideas for ADHD Families

Get conversation starters and sample language for each parenting stage — childhood, middle school, and high school — plus strategies to build connections, ideas for one-on-one activities they’ll love, and advice for better listening and asking questions to build connection will all be included.

Get a list of lesser-known but highly enjoyable games and activities, plus learn how to prepare for game nights and make the experience successful.

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A Parent's Guide to Problem-Solving School Behavior Struggles

You get a phone call from the school that your child is having behavior issues in the classroom. Now what? Interfering school behavior problems create academic, social, and emotional gaps in a learner’s progress. If left unaddressed, behavior struggles can lead to social isolation, a loss of instructional time, decreased self-esteem and academic under-achievement.

This webinar will walk parents through steps to take from the very first phone call about their child’s behaviors to the implementation of individualized strategies.

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Quelling Math Anxiety: How to Identify and Effectively Teach Students with Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to do math and tasks that involve math. It often leads to math anxiety — in students and even adults. It is not understood as well as dyslexia, but some experts believe dyscalculia is just as common. 

Students with dyscalculia are often lost in the math classroom. This webinar explains why even good math instruction “doesn’t stick” for the dyscalculic learner, and how to optimally engage at-risk students and achieve deep understanding of math concepts.

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9 Ways to Prime Your Child for a Positive School Year

The past year was tough, confusing, and emotionally draining for students (and their parents). Pandemic learning arrangements tripped up and, in some cases, halted kids’ progress in school. What can and should parents do to help their children recoup the learning losses of the past year and prepare for the new school year? 

Learning experts Susan and Paul Yellin discuss the key things that parents and students can do right now to help the new school year get off to a strong start.

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Stress and the ADHD Brain: Strategies to Improve Focus, Mood and Resilience

What's happening in the brain at the core of a child's ADHD symptoms? In this webinar, learn they key brain functions that contribute to issues with focus, attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

Understand how times of stress contribute to a child's ability to function.  Learn strategies to make the brain stronger and improve focus, mood, and resilience for kids and teens during times of stress and change. 

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Sensory Processing Struggles in Kids: What's happening in the Brain?

Guest speaker Teresa Kaelin, MSOTR/L, occupational therapist, professor and Brain Balance Center Executive Director joined Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs & Outcomes for Brain Balance to discuss child and teen sensory processing struggles.

In this webinar you'll get parenting tips to navigate your child's sensory processing difficulties and information on how these difficulties are related to brain development.

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Parenting in a Pandemic: Understanding Emotions, Navigating Fights and Practicing Self-Care

Brain Balance was excited to welcome guest speaker Dr. Robyn Silverman, well-known child & teen developmental specialist and host of the parenting podcast “How to Talk to Kids About Anything.” Dr. Silverman joined Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs & Outcomes for Brain Balance.

Learn how to navigate time at home with your family by understanding emotions, diffusing fighting and implementing self-care tips.

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Focus & Attention Difficulties: Help for Parents During School Closures

Attention and focus success requires many brain functions coming together, driven by brain connections. When the brain networks are NOT on-track with development there may be an impact on focus!

Learn about focus and attention as it relates to your child's brain development and for tips to help set up your child for success during school closures.

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Managing the Meltdown: Help for Parents

Did you know that behavior can be a result of development? The more our brain matures, the easier it is to stay calm, even when frustrated!

Learn key information on why some children are more prone to meltdowns and defiant behaviors than others and tips to for parents when your child's meltdowns become unmanageable.

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How Nutrition affects Behavior and Focus

Did you know that your child's food choices has a big impact on behavior, focus and attention?

Learn key information on how nutrition affects brain development and how food choices can trigger negative behaviors. Gain a foundation for clean eating habits for the whole family.

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Understanding Sensory Processing Struggles

Why do certain situations cause sensory overload for one child, when another feels calm and confident?

Learn key information on why sensory overload occurs and tips to help your child lessen the stress brought on by sensory processing challenges.

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"Navigating Family Relationships: Making the Most of Your Time Together"

Why do gatherings with family and friends cause cause stress for my child, when it does not for another?

Learn key information on how to successfully navigate family relationships to make the most of your time together this holiday season.

You Need to Calm Down: Understanding Anxiety In Kids (and Adults, too!)

Why does a situation cause anxiety for my child, when it does not for another?

Learn key information on why some children are more prone to stress and anxiety than others and tips to help ease your child’s anxiety.

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HOMEWORK: Tips to Make it Easier for Kids who Struggle

Is homework time a source of stress for your family’s daily routine?

Learn tips to ease homework difficulties to help set your child up for success in school.

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FOCUS: Getting Kids to Pay Attention

Is your child’s struggle to pay attention affecting your family’s life on a daily basis? Understanding the relationship between focus and brain development is critical to improving attention levels.

Learn key information and tips around focus and attention to help set your child up for success at home and in the classroom in the new school year.

When to Worry: Childhood Development

Tracking developmental progress is critical to understand the struggles your child may be facing.

Learn about the typical childhood development milestones, what are some red flags to watch out for, and how those red flags may present themselves in your child’s struggles.

summer camp
Summer Vacation Tips for Kids who Struggle

Did you know that vacations can be difficult for children who struggle from a brain development perspective?

Learn some tips to assist you in having a memorable family vacation.

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Top Tips for Setting Your Child Up for Success this Summer

Did you know that transitioning from school to summer can be a stressful time if your child has been struggling all year?

Learn how to help your child have a summer experience that will lead to a positive start in the new school year.

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How Nutrition Plays a Powerful Role in Your Child's Success

Is your child's diet boosting their academic potential, or holding them back?

Gain powerful tools you can use right away to boost your child's potential in the classroom.

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Summer Activities for Kids that Boost Brain Development

Did you know that when kids spend time outdoors and engage in physical activity they are boosting their brain development?

Learn more about finding ways to get your kids outside and moving this summer.