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Brain Balance Blog:

How Lack of Sleep Impacts Your Teen's Mood and Behavior

A lack of sleep mightt impact your teen's mood and behavior in unusual ways, according to research. Teenagers who exhibit a depressive mood and […]

Brain Building Nutrition by Age

Although nutrition requirements vary by age, there are a few healthy constants that will remain throughout our lifespan - colorful fruits and […]

Is My Teen's Behavior Due to Hormones or a Developmental Issue?

The teenage years can be a confusing time full of ups and downs. The challenges this age group faces, including performing well in school and […]

Top Summer Events for Teens with Social Anxiety

A young person's teenage years can be difficult due to the intense social pressure they feel from their peers. This can become even more of a problem […]

3 Ways to Get Your Teen to Go Outside and “Play”

Do you have a teen that spends more time inside than out in the fresh air? Do you only have sightings of this elusive teenager during the evening, […]

How to Survive Prom and Social Anxiety

Prom will be the most magical night of their lives – or so high schoolers have heard. TV, books and movies depict prom scenes full of romance, […]

How to Motivate a High School Student with Learning Differences

It can be tough to come up with ways to motivate teens, and even more of a challenge to inspire those students with learning differences. High school […]

The Most Common Middle School Struggles

Middle school can present some unique challenges that students with learning disabilities, social challenges and behavioral issues must overcome for […]

Dating Tips for Teens with ADHD