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Brain Balance Blog:
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Brain Balance Graduate Inspired to Study Neuropsychology

In her younger years, Natalie Thwaites couldn’t imagine a life where she would be thriving as a psychology major at Lipscomb University.

Brain Balance Family Finds Lasting Change for Challenges of ADHD

Raising a very active, and often impulsive 6-year-old boy, Marnie would often find herself wondering if her son Landon’s behavior was ‘normal.’ Her […]

Brain Balance Proves Life Changing for One North Carolina Family

Help Kids Retain And Keep Learning After a Year of At-Home Schooling

In this episode; Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs and Outcomes for Brain Balance, was recently interviewed on the popular podcast […]

University of Cambridge Research Links Learning Difficulties with Weak Connections in the Brain

Children with cognitive, attention and learning difficulties likely have weaker connectivity across regions of the brain than the rest of the […]

Normal Attention Span Expectations By Age

"Pay attention!" "Focus!" "Just two more pages, then you can take a break." Sound familiar? Virtually all parents have tried pleading with their kids […]

Tips to Help Your Child Manage Impulsivity

If your ADHD child exhibits impulsive behavior, these tips will help reduce impulsivity.

Essential Oils for ADHD

Can Essential Oils Enhance Focus in ADHD Children?

Retained Primitive Reflexes as a Sign of Brain Imbalance

Infant Reflexes that do not Integrate Successfully can Lead to Developmental Delays Primitive Reflexes are the first part of the brain to develop and […]