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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Auditory Processing Disorder

Top 5 Red Flags that are Signs of a Processing Disorder

  Children with learning and behavioral challenges have struggles that can go beyond simply performing well in school and the classroom. If you're a […]

Tips to Improve Listening Skills in Kids with ADHD

  Having ADHD can make a classroom experience difficult for any child, especially when it comes to listening. Luckily, there are some steps that […]

Misophonia Explained: Signs and Symptoms of Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome


3 Tips to Ensure Your Child's New Teacher Understands Auditory Processing Disorder

  Living with Auditory Processing Disorder can be challenging in any situation, but traditional learning environments are especially tough. Students […]

Auditory Processing Disorder in the Classroom — How Parents Can Help

Auditory processing can impact not only the ability to hear what's being said, but also the interpretation of what's said, a student's ability to pay […]

Why Kids with Auditory Processing Disorder Struggle to Follow Directions

Does your child have difficulty following multi-step directions? An Auditory Processing Disorder may be to blame.  

Teaching to a Child’s Learning Style

Each child is unique in how he or she responds to different learning methods based on his or her particular learning style. There are many types of […]

Signs and Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder and How Is It Different From ADHD? Auditory processing disorder, also called central auditory processing […]