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Brain Balance Blog:
Auditory Processing Disorder

Top 5 Red Flags that are Signs of a Processing Disorder

Children with learning and behavioral challenges have struggles that can go beyond simply performing well in school and the classroom. If you're a […]

Tips to Improve Listening Skills in Kids with ADHD

Having ADHD can make a classroom experience difficult for any child, especially when it comes to listening. Luckily, there are some steps that […]

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3 Tips to Ensure Your Child's New Teacher Understands Auditory Processing Disorder

Living with Auditory Processing Disorder can be challenging in any situation, but traditional learning environments are especially tough. Students […]

Auditory Processing Disorder in the Classroom — How Parents Can Help

Auditory processing can impact not only the ability to hear what's being said, but also the interpretation of what's said, a student's ability to pay […]

Why Kids with Auditory Processing Disorder Struggle to Follow Directions

Does your child have difficulty following multi-step directions? An Auditory Processing Disorder may be to blame.

Teaching to a Child’s Learning Style

Each child is unique in how he or she responds to different learning methods based on his or her particular learning style. There are many types of […]

Signs and Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder and How Is It Different From ADHD? If your child struggles to follow instructions or has trouble with hearing […]