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Visual Processing Disorder

Visual Processing Explained: Figure-Ground Perception

Common school activities — including fun things like games and story time — can be problematic for children who struggle with visual processing […]

Dyslexia and Reading Comprehension, Sight Words and Spelling  

Reading Comprehension, Sight Words and Spelling: How Students With Dyslexia Can Succeed in School Children with dyslexia are often faced with […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Closure

Life can be difficult for children who experience visual processing difficulties. These issues aren’t related to the physical health of the eyes, but […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Memory

While children are routinely screened for eye problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness, visual processing difficulties stem from the way the […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Form Constancy

  If your child is having trouble in school but doesn’t have an obvious learning disability, visual processing difficulties could be the cause. […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Discrimination

When children struggle with visual processing issues, it can profoundly affect the way they learn. While most parents and teacher naturally think of […]

Program Peek: Finger Game

In order to better understand The Brain Balance Program®, we’re sharing one of our primitive (infant) reflex exercise videos that is part of our […]

Program Peek: Near-Far Eye Exercise

In order to better understand The Brain Balance Program®, we're sharing one of our exercise videos that is part of our comprehensive library and […]

Visual Processing Explained

  Reading struggles and lack of classroom attention are often blamed on a student’s inability to see the blackboard or need for reading glasses. […]