We celebrated our son’s graduation from Brain Balance Centers Monday night. He’s now reading above grade level (from Title 1/marked as high risk before), is no longer depressed, has made some great friends, is a joy to be around, has empathy, compassion and interest in others, has learned to ride a bike, and no longer needs fidgets in class.

What a blessing this journey has been. Here’s some hope for those of you working hard with your kids – it works!! Keep going! I have no doubt that we will look back at this as one of the best things we ever do for our child.



When I asked my son, what were the top 3 things he has noticed within himself since going to Brain Balance and he said:

  • “Homework is easier.”
  • “It’s so much easier to pay attention in class.”
  • “Reading isn’t as hard.”

He added- “Isn’t it crazy how doing these strange exercises can help so much?  I don’t hate homework like I used to.  Well, I don’t love it but at least I don’t hate it!  It’s so much easier to do now.”  – AMEN!!  I feel the very same way, AJ 🙂

I heard Brain Balance can be “life-changing” and it’s nothing short of that really.  Thanks for all you and everyone else does!  We are so thankful this journey brought us to Brain Balance!



We came to Brain Balance on the recommendation of a teacher just to check it out. As I learned more about the program I was really impressed and it seemed like my daughter was having some real struggles that I could no longer ignore. After having her tested, I sat down with the director and went over the report, which shed some light onto why my daughter was having some struggles. I was also encouraged to take a different direction with her health care, which has helped her feel much better! That was huge! The hardest part was admitting to myself that we really needed to deal with these problems. When we made the commitment I ‘wiped the slate” and we said ‘no’ to a lot of other things – we knew this was a short season and we needed to focus intensely on this alone. Consequently, I have seen dramatic changes in her ability to get school done and her grades are improving! She tells me that she feels better now as some of the nutritional issues have been dealt with.


One of the biggest and most valuable things we have taken from this [BB experience] is the boost in Brendan’s self-esteem and his belief in himself.  We read the quote in the lobby that says, ‘We believe that within every child resides…the body of an Olympic athlete, the brain of a scientist, the mind of a poet, the hands of an artist, the ear of a composer, the heart of a saint…never stop believing that your child has unlimited potential!’ and now Brendan truly believes that for himself!



The program is great. The staff is awesome. [They] helped me tremendously in meeting with my son’s teacher. As well as giving me information on 504 plan.









Evelyn has had difficulty learning to ride her bike. After a few weeks at Brain Balance, Columbia, MO her coordination and balance have improved. She is now riding her bike without training wheels.