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Brain Balance Redlands


Brain Balance Has a Non-Medical Approach to Help Your Child

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. Our comprehensive programming incorporates learnings from cognitive, behavioral and nutrition fields—an integrated approach that is literally redefining what’s possible.

Is something blocking your child’s social, behavioral or academic progress? Brain Balance picks up where conventional approaches leave off, going beyond the treatment of symptoms to address root causes. At Brain Balance, we’re not about coping with barriers. We’re about knocking them down, one small breakthrough at a time.

Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

A Harvard study found that kids who participated in the Brain Balance Program saw a significant reduction in ADHD index scores, discernible changes in hyperactivity, enhanced cognitive attention, and reductions in oppositional behavior.

We are continually collaborating with world class researchers to show the efficacy of the program and reveal through data how the Brain Balance Program can help children, teens and adults improve.

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About the Brain Balance Program®

The Brain Balance Program is made up of physical and sensorimotor exercises, academic skills training and healthy nutrition. It is tailored to the needs of your child, and delivered in a uniquely systematic approach that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

A Whole-Brain Approach

The program engages the brain and body together, through sensory engagement, physical development and academic learning activities.

Personalized to Your Child’s Challenges

The program is tailored to your child’s needs and development level, delivered with the frequency and duration needed to drive meaningful change.

1:1 Coaching & Support

Our coaches will personally guide you through the program, including evaluating progress and leveling up as your child advances.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions

A Nutrition Coach will help customize a healthy nutrition plan fit for your child's lifestyle and needs.

On-Demand Resources

You’ll have access to a Program Portal where you can view on demand helper videos, nutrition content, and program resources.

Program Format

Your child can work onsite at your local Brain Balance Center with our coaches three times per week.

NEW: Adult Program

Now more than ever we are called to be on the top of our game and function at higher levels. Whether you need a competitive edge at work, want to improve your quality of life, or long for improved or deeper connections with family and friends, the Brain Balance Program can help you get ahead.

Stories from Brain Balance Center of Redlands

"I can’t say enough about the Brain Balance program and especially all of the women at the Redlands location. I was looking for help with my 6 year old daughter who had started with some behavioral issues, and had recently started dealing with OCD. My daughter just completed phase 1 of her program yesterday & she is doing amazing! The coaches are the best cheerleaders for the children - they go out of their way to help find ways to motivate each child."


"Our family has been blessed by the staff and their expertise in helping our family on our health journey. We felt led to this facility and program through reading the book, “Disconnected Kids” by Dr. Robert Melillo, found a testimony on Instagram by @laurabpilates, and heard an advertisement on Air1 radio. We prayed about it as we were at our lowest point of not knowing how to help our daughter in a very dark and confusing time."


"Brain Balance has been the best decision we could've made for our son. The progress that he has made and has continued to make has been amazing. His ADHD has been under control with all that he has learned from brain balance. School is easier, home life is easier, just all around easier."

Zachery B

"We needed to give our son some extra therapy, because he was not getting nearly enough in his special ed class. The Brain Balance exercises and diet change have helped my son tremendously. He realizes that he can think differently and it was definitely giving him the confidence he needs. He’s learning things way faster now."


"My daughter was struggling in school/Daycare academically and socially. She is a very bright kid with a big heart but was struggling in various areas. she would hear different words then what you actually said or seemed like she was tuning you out. very sensitive to textures and smells."


"Everyone is super nice but most importantly for us they really took the time to understand my child’s needs and focus on them. He loved going here and we have seen a big difference in him. Overall it was a great experience."


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Team

Donna Horn
Donna Horn


Donna discovered Brain Balance by watching a late night Brain Balance commercial featuring a parent, who exhausted all the resources the local public school could offer. She finally found hope and answers in the Brain Balance program for their child. It was followed by the ticker tape across the bottom of the screen, “Franchises available in California.” Intrigued by the possibility of owning a business that could benefit so many Donna wanted to know more.

Lesley Bello
Lesley Bello


Lesley is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Studio Art at the University of Redlands. For as long as she could remember, she always wanted to work in a field where she could mentor and help children. This led to her pursuing a career in education and is also currently enrolled in Redland’s Preliminary Undergraduate Teaching Credential Program. As a first-generation college student, her main aspiration is to give back to a community that helped her get to where she is now. Her goals have led to her volunteering and working with children of all ages on various sites. Lesley’s experience, skills, and passion makes her a great addition to the Brain Balance team.

Judith Alcaraz

Program Director

Judith began her Bachelors in Psychology at Cal State San Bernardino, and is also pursuing a certificate in Child Development with the aspiration of working in child therapy. Her experience inworking with children began as a high school volleyball coach, followed by becoming a coach/peer mentor in the Fontana school district. Judith’s journey with Brain Balance began in2022 as a sensory motor and academic coach. She later became an assessor and is now taking on the role as Program Director. She has enjoyed the privilege of working with our students as a coach and is excited to continue to offer her time and commitment to the future success of each student and their families.

Annifrid Aceron
Annifrid Aceron


Annifrid graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from La Sierra University and is currently pursuing a career in Orthotics and Prosthetics. She has much experience working with children as a basketball and volleyball coach. Her goal is to teach children how to understand their own potential and push them to be the best that they could be. With such a warm and patient personality, Annifrid makes a great addition to the Brain Balance team.

Veronica De La Rosa
Veronica De La Rosa


Veronica graduated from California State University with her bachelors in psychology and a minor in child development. She is currently pursuing her PsyD in Clinical Neuropsychology from Loma Linda University. Having had over two years of experience in working with children she enjoys being able to help motivate and guide them to reach new potentials. Her goal is to one day open a behavioral health clinic that can help serve communities in the inland empire. From this she hopes to shine light on the importance of mental health and its effects on one’s mental, physiological, and social-emotional well being. Veronica’s hopes to start helping spread this awareness through her work in Brain Balance Achievement Centers.

Adrian Lomeli


Adrian is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in allied health at the California University of San Bernardino in which he plans to progress into a doctorate program in Occupational Therapy upon completion of his undergrad. Adrian grew up volunteering as a youth sports trainer for the city of Fontana which led to him becoming fond of the idea of working with children and helping them reach their potential. Aspiring to provide positive influence among those around him, Adrian strives to be a positive source of development and personal growth. Adrian’s influence and positivity allows for him to be an essential part of the Brain Balance team.

Angela Gross


Angela is currently attending California Baptist University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. She has many years of experience working with children through the school district and educational programs. These experiences have helped her realize she enjoys helping children reach their full potential and providing encouragement along their journeys. She strives to be a positive role model advocating for kindness, respect, and accountability. Aspiring to provide constructive changes among those around her, Angela strives to be a positive source of personal growth and development. She focuses her energy on bringing enthusiasm to the team here at Brain Balance.

Ryan Bermudez


Ryan is currently applying to medical schools across the country to pursue his dream of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. He graduated from University of California, Irvine in 2023with a B.S. in Microbiology and Immunology. Ryan grew up playing soccer from a young age and has consistently volunteered at many youth soccer events and camps. Whilst in high school, he served as an assistant coach at Loma Linda Academy Junior High Soccer Team. At university, he continued volunteering at local high schools to advocate for attending college and higher education. His experiences have helped him realize that he wants to help kids reach their full potential and to be a positive role model. He strives to bring energy and encouragement to the team here at Brain Balance.


Brain Balance Center of Redlands Events

Webinar Events

Every month we offer a free webinar on a common struggle that children and young adults across the country may experience. Each of these webinars offers information, actionable strategies for change, as well as a deeper understanding of WHY these challenges are happening and how to address the root cause.
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We Help Children In Redlands Reach Their Goals

For parents, one of the hardest experiences you can have is seeing your child struggle with challenges associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Asperger Syndrome, a behavioral issue, a learning disability like dyslexia or dyscalculia, a processing disorder such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)Leaky Gut, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), or another type of learning or developmental issue. Knowing that your child is struggling can be overwhelming, especially when it seems as though resources are limited. Thankfully, the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Redlands can help! We’ve helped thousands of children overcome challenges associated with common childhood disorders through our integrated, whole-child approach. When you visit our center, we combine physical and sensory-motor exercises with academic skill training, a nutrition plan, and confidence building to give your child the tools they need to succeed. We invite you to come to our center to meet our staff, tour the facility, and learn more about the Brain Balance Program!

Brain Balance Redlands has won the Redlands Choice 2022 Award




Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.

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