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Locations in San Diego, Chula Vista & Encinitas

Brain Balance of Greater San Diego


Brain Balance Has a Non-Medical Approach to Help Your Child

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. Our comprehensive programming incorporates learnings from cognitive, behavioral and nutrition fields—an integrated approach that is literally redefining what’s possible.

Is something blocking your child’s social, behavioral or academic progress? Brain Balance picks up where conventional approaches leave off, going beyond the treatment of symptoms to address root causes. At Brain Balance, we’re not about coping with barriers. We’re about knocking them down, one small breakthrough at a time.

Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

A Harvard study found that kids who participated in the Brain Balance Program saw a significant reduction in ADHD index scores, discernible changes in hyperactivity, enhanced cognitive attention, and reductions in oppositional behavior.

We are continually collaborating with world class researchers to show the efficacy of the program and reveal through data how the Brain Balance Program can help children, teens and adults improve.

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About the Brain Balance Program®

The Brain Balance Program is made up of physical and sensorimotor exercises, academic skills training and healthy nutrition. It is tailored to the needs of your child, and delivered in a uniquely systematic approach that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

A Whole-Brain Approach

The program engages the brain and body together, through sensory engagement, physical development and academic learning activities.

Personalized to Your Child’s Challenges

The program is tailored to your child’s needs and development level, delivered with the frequency and duration needed to drive meaningful change.

Coaching & Support

Our coaches will personally guide you through the program, including evaluating progress and leveling up as your child advances.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions

A Nutrition Coach will help customize a healthy nutrition plan fit for your child's lifestyle and needs.

On-Demand Resources

You’ll have access to a Program Portal where you can view on demand helper videos, nutrition content, and program resources.

Program Format

Your child can work onsite at your local Brain Balance Center with our coaches three times per week.

We also offer an at-home virtual option that is parent-led. You'll have weekly video check-ins from your program coach.

Stories from Brain Balance of San Diego

"My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. She attended phase one of the program and has seen significant improvement in behavior and socialization skills."

Dakota, Age 8

"Words cannot express how delighted I am as a Mom for my child attending the Brain Balance program in San Diego. For those of you who have children that struggle and their actions, in turn, affect everyone around them, you are not alone! The last thing I ever wanted to do was medicate our child. So I kept researching and immediately our chiropractor and Occupational Therapist recommended the program. After his assessment at Brain Balance, I gained an amazing new perspective about my child and learned that they can get to the root of his struggles with his brain! No need for scans, and no need for a diagnosis."

Hunter, Age 8

"There are not enough words in a dictionary to describe what brain balance has done for our family!"

Michelle, Age 12

"Ariel has gained self awareness and improved his focus. This has had positive effects at school and socially. We highly recommend Brain Balance."

Ariel, Age 10

"This is an excellent program and in my experience the results were observable even after just a few sessions. My daughter loves coming to Brain Balance and has had such a good experience she says she wants to be a Brain Balance Coach when she grows up. After two weeks I received my daughters 1st positive note home from school and after a month she no longer needed her behavior chart at school. At home I see she is less impulsive, her meltdowns are almost non-existent, she is able and even enjoys playing on her own, she is less reactive, and is willing to and utilizes calm down methods."

Colette, 5

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Our Team

Jon Pak 2023
Jon Pak

Executive Director

Jon Pak’s passion to open Brain Balance was born out of his experiences in raising a son with developmental disabilities. He values all the incredible connections with friends and families in the community that share a similar experience. His background includes serving on the board of Kids Included Together, Just in Time for Foster Youth, and the Korean American Coalition of San Diego. With many years of participation in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, his desire to mentor and impact the lives of others is contagious. While he enjoyed a professional career with notable companies like Samsung Electronics, Merrill Lynch, UBS, and US Bank, Jon’s undeniable vision for an inclusive society with equitable opportunities and growth makes him an inspirational leader at Brain Balance of Greater San Diego.

Amanda_San Diego
Amanda Lee

Regional Director

Amanda Lee, M.A. Education, is an internationally board certified Cognitive Coach, Mindset certified, and has over 15 years of experience in the education field. She is a lifelong learner committed to promoting equity and access to quality education and believes every person should have the opportunity to actualize their full potential and to live life to the fullest. Every day she aims to inspire and be inspired. When not meeting with schools, families, or community members or leading trainings, you may find her enjoying the outdoors hiking and camping, rock climbing, dancing, playing beach volleyball, traveling, or being a foodie.

Angie_San Diego
Angie Arciga

Program Director

Angie Arciga, B.S. Exercise Science, is an internationally board certified Cognitive Coach, Mindset certified, and has over 8 years of experience with Brain Balance. She brings expertise from the physical therapy field and her creativity and background in music bring unique ideas and ways to work with and have fun with children while developing and creating new neural pathways. She also enjoys traveling, singing and playing mariachi music, and being out in nature.

Mojgan headshot
Mojgan Malekpour

Assistant Director

Mojgan Malekpour, B.S. Marketing, has over a decade of experience in customer service and over 7 years of experience in building and sustaining genuine relationships. Her go-getter attitude comes from her athletic background which goes hand in hand with her passion to help others live a better life. When not at work, you’ll find Mojgan spending time with her family, her dog Primo, enjoying the sun, or reading a book.

Ricky San Diego 2023
Ricky Lau

Program Manager

Ricky Lau, M.Ed, is a SoCal native, having moved to SD from LA 10+ years ago. He has a strong background in customer service & hospitality, and is trained as a secondary science teacher. In his free time, he enjoys trying new restaurants, coffee shops, and recipes at home.

Heather L

Program Specialist

Heather, M.S. Psychology, has worked with Brain Balance since 2008. Heather has a wide range of experience in therapeutic settings, preventative in-home counseling, foster care, and residential care. She is passionate about helping kids reach their full potential. In her spare time, she likes to read and spend time with her husband.

Kristen L

Program Specialist

Kristen, B.S. Business Administration and Marketing, has worked in the hospitality industry for ten years and worked as an executive assistant for three years. Kristen has experience volunteering at animal shelters and local hospitals and loves helping her community whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors with her goldendoodle or working on home projects with her husband.

Kalista P

Program Specialist

Kalista has a wide range of experiences in client care. She loves helping people improve and be successful. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her little family and do-it-yourself home projects.

Katie_San Diego
Katie Mello

Senior Coach

Katie Mello, B.S. Kinesiology, is an internationally board certified Cognitive Coach and specializes in inclusive physical activities in communities. She loves the multidisciplinary approach Brain Balance offers. Along with coaching and training her students and fellow colleagues, Katie also supports operations, community engagement, and other marketing efforts. When she’s not at work, you can find Katie walking on the beach, lifting weights, or preparing (and eating!) a healthy meal.

Sergio Carreon

Head Coach

Sergio Carreon, B.S. Kinesiology (Exercise and Sports Science) is an internationally board certified Cognitive Coach and has over 10 years experience working with kids and adults to reach their fullest potential. When not actively changing lives and making an impact in the community, you can find Sergio at the gym, beach, trying new foods, or enjoying a movie.

Alek Rothenberg-Cunningham

Sensory Motor Coach

Dr. Alek Rothenberg-Cunningham brings over 22 years of experience in Kinesiology and specializes in human motor behavior with an emphasis on the reciprocal relationship between perception and action. Alek has worked in fitness, research, collegiate instruction, and has specialized experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, including with San Diego-based 2008 Paralympic swimmer and breaststroke record holder, Kendall Bailey. Alek is inspired by the natural beauty of the environment and enjoys snowboarding, hiking and trail running, camping, reading, road trips, playing guitar, and cooking.

Lauren Carroll headshot
Lauren Carroll

Sensory Motor Coach

Lauren Carroll has been working in the field of special education specializing in children ages 6-18 for over five years. Lauren was a licensed behavioral therapist for neurodivergent children and has extensive experience implementing coping strategies for intense aggression/rage/meltdowns as well as experience with potty training, verbal expression (vocal therapy), managing behaviors, and motor movement. Lauren wants to create a safe space where children feel comfortable opening up about their struggles. In her spare time, Lauren loves to try new things at restaurants, read, and as a nature lover, you can always find her outside hiking, picnicking, camping, and taking photos.

Alexis Jones headshot square
Alexis Jones

Sensory Motor Coach

Alexis Jones, B.A. Psychology, is currently on active duty in the Navy. Before joining the Navy, Alexis worked with adults with dementia and Alzheimer's and also worked at a Brain Balance in Houston, Texas. On her free time, she likes to play sports, travel, and try new restaurants.

Eliza San Diego 2023
Eliza Fontanilla

Sensory Motor Coach

Eliza Fontanilla, B.S. Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology, brings research experience examining connections between sensory perception, behaviors, and cognitive functions with neural activity, and combines that expertise with personal experience connecting with and understanding the unique abilities and needs of neurodivergent individuals. When she’s not at work, Eliza enjoys trying new restaurants with friends and family, working on creative projects at coffee shops, designing clothes, dancing, watching the sunset and stars, or cuddling at home with her cat.

Sammuel San Diego
Sam Umanzor

Sensory Motor Coach

Samuel Umanzor, B.S. Marketing, is a Sensory Motor Coach, who has had several years of experience working with children and adults. He loves to help individuals reach their fullest potential, from his 4 years of active duty leading Marines, to his time as a certified personal trainer. When he’s not helping others do their best, you can find him at the gym, training in martial arts, the beach, or at a concert.

Lauria San Diego 2023
Laurie Gutwein

Sensory Motor Coach

Laurie Gutwein has a background and degrees in psychology, theater, and the arts. She is a California native who grew up on the beaches of Carlsbad and Encinitas and then moved on to Los Angeles where she was a professional Actress/Singer/Dancer/Stunt Woman for over 10 years. But her passion for understanding and helping children with special needs, including her two young sons, led her to now pursue her Masters in Psychology to help children of all ages through therapeutic creativity.


Brain Balance of San Diego Events

Download the February 2024 Events Calendar (PDF)

Feel Good February Bingo Challenge
February is all about celebrating self-love and fostering relationships with family and friends. Learn new ways to appreciate and understand the importance of self-love and love for others by trying at least one Feel Good February Bingo activity per day throughout the month of love. Download Bingo card here.

Stay and Play (FREE public Toddler Program)
Wednesday, February 7, 2024 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM at Malcom X Public Library

Toddlers are invited to join us on a magical, multisensory adventure with fun on and off the pages. Wiggle, move, and play while practicing important developmental skills during story time, art, and music and movement. Caregiver participation is required.

Mastering Sensory Processing: Unlocking the Foundations for Learning and Well-Being
Thursday, February 8th, 2024 10 AM PT | 12 PM CT | 1 PM ET

Teresa Kaelin, MSOTR/L, a seasoned Occupational Therapist with a specialization in sensory processing and executive functioning, will join Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Chief Programs Officer for Brain Balance, as a guest speaker in this informative webinar.

Join us as we delve into the fundamental aspects of sensory processing and its profound impact on various facets of our lives. The sensory system forms the bedrock of our ability to learn, maintain attention, navigate social interactions, and even regulate our emotions.

Teresa will share her personal story about her son, providing valuable insights into how auditory sensitivity and processing challenges can manifest in everyday situations. Drawing on her expertise, she will discuss practical tips and tricks that can be implemented at home to support immediate regulation, as well as long-term strategies aimed at fostering internal self-regulation.

RSVP: www.brainbalancecenters.com/webinar

Encinitas Health and Wellness Expo (FREE)
Saturday, February 10, 2024, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Encinitas Community Center

The Health & Wellness Expo is a marketplace where members of the community can learn how to live their healthiest lifestyles. Meet exhibitors from local businesses in wellness industries: fitness, nutrition, medical, naturopathic, spa, healing, and more. Enjoy the offerings of the workshops that will be happening in breakout rooms during the event.

Brain Balance of Encinitas Professional Open House
Wednesday, February 21, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Is Brain Balance the solution for your clients or students? Explore Brain Balance of Greater San Diego’s satellite center in Encinitas. Practice activities from our holistic brain health program that is proven to improve cognition, focus, mental health, confidence, performance, and more for kids, teens, and adults. Network with other like-minded industry leaders. Snacks, tea, and coffee will be available. Don’t forget your business cards!

RSVP at bit.ly/bb0224

More than Bad Grades: The Impact of Learning Challenges on Self-Esteem & Mental Health
Thursday, February 22, 2024 10:30 AM & 5:00 PM PST

When a child struggles with learning, the impacts reach farther than just academic success. Learning struggles can have a significant impact on an individual's self-esteem and mental health. These challenges can affect people of all ages, from children in school to adults in various learning or work settings. Learning challenges have been associated with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, social isolation, anger, self-criticism, and more. These effects often follow a child into adulthood, impacting work and relationship success.

Learning difficulties have been linked to weaknesses in communication between crucial brain regions. The promising news is that the brain has the capacity for change that can lead to improvements in these challenges. Join us for an informative live webinar, where we will delve into the intricate relationship between brain function, learning development, and mental health. Discover how enhancing brain connectivity and optimizing its function may offer relief from mental health challenges and improvement in the skills needed for optimal learning. Registrants will receive a resource guide!

RSVP: bit.ly/h5mworkshop

Brain Balance of Chula Vista Professional Open House
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Is Brain Balance the solution for your clients or students? Explore Brain Balance of Greater San Diego’s satellite center in Chula Vista. Practice activities from our holistic brain health program that is proven to improve cognition, focus, mental health, confidence, performance, and more for kids, teens, and adults. Network with other like-minded industry leaders. Snacks, tea, and coffee will be available. Don’t forget your business cards!

RSVP at bit.ly/bb0224

Webinar Events

Every month we offer a free webinar on a common struggle that children and young adults across the country may experience. Each of these webinars offers information, actionable strategies for change, as well as a deeper understanding of WHY these challenges are happening and how to address the root cause.
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Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.

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