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Brain Balance Denton


Brain Balance Has a Non-Medical Approach to Help Your Child

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. Our comprehensive programming incorporates learnings from cognitive, behavioral and nutrition fields—an integrated approach that is literally redefining what’s possible.

Is something blocking your child’s social, behavioral or academic progress? Brain Balance picks up where conventional approaches leave off, going beyond the treatment of symptoms to address root causes. At Brain Balance, we’re not about coping with barriers. We’re about knocking them down, one small breakthrough at a time.

Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

A Harvard study found that kids who participated in the Brain Balance Program saw a significant reduction in ADHD index scores, discernible changes in hyperactivity, enhanced cognitive attention, and reductions in oppositional behavior.

We are continually collaborating with world class researchers to show the efficacy of the program and reveal through data how the Brain Balance Program can help children, teens and adults improve.

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About the Brain Balance Program®

The Brain Balance Program is made up of physical and sensorimotor exercises, academic skills training and healthy nutrition. It is tailored to the needs of your child, and delivered in a uniquely systematic approach that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

A Whole-Brain Approach

The program engages the brain and body together, through sensory engagement, physical development and academic learning activities.

Personalized to Your Child’s Challenges

The program is tailored to your child’s needs and development level, delivered with the frequency and duration needed to drive meaningful change.

1:1 Coaching & Support

Our coaches will personally guide you through the program, including evaluating progress and leveling up as your child advances.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions

A Nutrition Coach will help customize a healthy nutrition plan fit for your child's lifestyle and needs.

On-Demand Resources

You’ll have access to a Program Portal where you can view on demand helper videos, nutrition content, and program resources.

Program Format

Your child can work onsite at your local Brain Balance Center with our coaches three times per week.

We also offer an at-home virtual option that is parent-led. You'll have weekly video check-ins from your program coach.

Stories from Brain Balance Center of Denton

We love Brain Balance of Denton! The level of service, care, and attention my daughter receives has been absolutely amazing. I love the incredible staff and my daughter loves her coaches. We have seen tremendous growth from our daughter and Brain Balance has opened our eyes to a world of possibilities that we were not previously aware of.

If you are considering Brain Balance, I implore you to go for a consultation and get an assessment done on your child. The assessment alone was eye-opening and showed us the exact areas our daughter was struggling in. It finally validated our years of stress and concern. Thank you Brain Balance!! – Sarah W

Everyone at Brain Balance of Denton cares about our kids. They want to see results and help our kids to grow, learn and overcome challenges they face. My son has made great progress in multiple areas and I thank Brain Balance for that. Patience, love and care is what you receive at Brain Balance of Denton. Love you all! – Karen M

There are not enough words to describe this place! They helped our daughter so much! I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but it wasn’t long before we started seeing positive results and she has continued to thrive even after finishing her program. You also will not find a better staff than at Brain Balance of Denton! From encouragement to my little (and myself), friendliest atmosphere, very welcoming attitudes, and overall, the center feels like you’re at home. They will certainly hold a huge place in our hearts! If you’re thinking about entering the program.....just do it, you won’t regret it! 💜💜 – Lisa H

We decided to do the 3-month virtual program during the early part of the pandemic. (and we are still doing it a couple times a week.) It is hard work to stay diligent with doing the exercises regularly because of having a couple kids and everything that keeps you busy with life but if you do, you will see results. This is not something that will just work by itself. You must do the exercises and also make changes in your lifestyle to see the results. This is not a cure all by itself but this is the first thing that has shown to make a significant difference in my child’s ADHD. I’m so thankful for this program and information. I feel like we have benefitted so much and it is worth every penny. Thank you to the Brain Balance of Denton girls, Rosie, Karen, and Tammy, for all your help, attention, feedback, and for your willingness to push us toward success. We appreciate it all. – Keista T

We have seen such positive change in our son. We love the changes we have seen in his behavior and his academics. The Brain Balance of Denton owner and staff are wonderful. There is no amount of money I wouldn't pay to help my child and this is the best investment we could make into his future. – Shanna M

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Our Team

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Tammy Tubbs
Tammy Tubbs

Owner, Center Director

My name is Tammy Tubbs and I am the Executive Director of Brain Balance of Denton. It is my passion and calling to serve families through the Brain Balance Program. As a Brain Balance mom, I have experienced the pain of watching my children struggle, but I have also experienced the joy of watching them overcome their challenges through the Brain Balance Program.

Rosie Bernard

Center Director

Hello, I’m Rosie Bernard and I am the Center Director at Brain Balance of Denton. I grew up in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States with my family in 1988. We made our home in West Texas my senior year and I graduated from Breckenridge High School (go Buckaroos!) I came to North Texas and attended TWU to secure a Bachelors of Nursing. This unique and eclectic community of Denton has been home ever since.

Karen Stinnett

Assistant Director

My name is Karen Stinnett and I love what I do. I have lived my entire life serving my family and others. I spent years learning about interventions and ways to help kids with Asperger’s and other challenges. Along my journey, I collaborated with a friend, and we started a support group for parents of students on the Spectrum.

Janna Herron
Janna Herron


Hello! My name is Janna Herron and I am currently a junior in college at Texas Woman's University majoring in music therapy and minoring in English. I am also a Resident Assistant in the dorms and I love getting to care and be there for my residents! My passions lie in making music to share with others whether it be piano, guitar, viola, or any other instrument I can find! I utilize this precious gift I was given by playing piano or viola for my church at First Denton on the worship team. I also love reading and writing, having published a narrative nonfiction on the life story of my grandfather and his experience of growing up in Malaysia. Getting to share the stories of those that were not able to speak for themselves or may feel as though they do not have a voice is very dear to my heart.

Logan Tubbs
Logan Tubbs

Program Coordinator, Coach and Assessor

My name is Logan and I have been with Brain Balance for 3 years. I am the Program Coordinator, Coach and Assessor and I love it! I have a very personal connection to the kids in Program. I can relate to my students because I was a Brain Balance student myself, and overcame many of the things that they are going through. Brain Balance truly changed everything for me.


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Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.

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