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Scholarships Available: Ohio Department of Education & Ohio Jobs & Family Services (PASSS).

Brain Balance North Olmsted


Brain Balance Has a Non-Medical Approach to Help Your Child

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. Our comprehensive programming incorporates learnings from cognitive, behavioral and nutrition fields—an integrated approach that is literally redefining what’s possible.

Is something blocking your child’s social, behavioral or academic progress? Brain Balance picks up where conventional approaches leave off, going beyond the treatment of symptoms to address root causes. At Brain Balance, we’re not about coping with barriers. We’re about knocking them down, one small breakthrough at a time.

Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

A Harvard study found that kids who participated in the Brain Balance Program saw a significant reduction in ADHD index scores, discernible changes in hyperactivity, enhanced cognitive attention, and reductions in oppositional behavior.

We are continually collaborating with world class researchers to show the efficacy of the program and reveal through data how the Brain Balance Program can help children, teens and adults improve.

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About the Brain Balance Program®

The Brain Balance Program is made up of physical and sensorimotor exercises, academic skills training and healthy nutrition. It is tailored to the needs of your child, and delivered in a uniquely systematic approach that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

A Whole-Brain Approach

The program engages the brain and body together, through sensory engagement, physical development and academic learning activities.

Personalized to Your Child’s Challenges

The program is tailored to your child’s needs and development level, delivered with the frequency and duration needed to drive meaningful change.

1:1 Coaching & Support

Our coaches will personally guide you through the program, including evaluating progress and leveling up as your child advances.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions

A Nutrition Coach will help customize a healthy nutrition plan fit for your child's lifestyle and needs.

On-Demand Resources

You’ll have access to a Program Portal where you can view on demand helper videos, nutrition content, and program resources.

Program Format

Your child can work onsite at your local Brain Balance Center with our coaches three times per week. A program specialist can help you learn more about the program options and understand how Brain Balance can help your child.

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Stories from Brain Balance of North Olmsted

"The facts were that I had a kid that struggled hard with speech processing, sensory seeking and had energy for days – it took a toll on the whole family managing behaviors and meltdowns.  Both my husband and I read the book and really wanted to find a Center that could support us, teach us and ultimately help our son reach the potential that we know is inside of him!  Academically, he’s super smart – exceeding his math and science grade level curriculum, playing piano by ear, and always being the kid who is ready for hugs and jumping on the trampoline.  But, he couldn’t focus his attention for more then a few moments (including eye contact) and was frustrated ALL DAY with simple tasks that our two girls mastered quickly."


"If you are on the fence about Brain Balance for your child, I've got two words for you: Do. It. It has made a huge difference in our daughter's life. It won't be overnight and it won't solve every problem your child has, but it will make solid, foundational changes that will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. We tried it for our daughter with the most extreme ADHD symptoms and were so pleased, we put our other daughter in as well. Both my girls would tell me that they wanted to do better, be better but they couldn't reach those goals. It's an amazing process to watch and to know that you are hitting the root of the problem rather than applying temporary band-aids."


"My son was in the program and has grown by leaps and bounds! I can’t even believe how much he has progressed during the time he was in his program. His school noticed changes almost immediately. I was hesitant to admit that he was changing right before our eyes…but he was! I am overjoyed with how things have played out for him. I know we have Brain Balance to thank for that! It was an amazing experience for my son! I would highly recommend Brain Balance!"


"Doug & Melissa’s story is not uncommon, but it is remarkable. “God is good” Melissa reflects as she describes how Brain Balance has changed the lives of their family through the unmatched improvements their 17, 15, and 11 year old children have made just over this past summer. It’s impossible to listen to the outcomes and not be overwhelmed with joy for them."

Doug & Melissa

"Jackson, in his 3rd grade year, was having struggles with reading comprehension, math, attention in school and just getting a little frustrated when he was going to school, even though he loved school. And we were just trying to figure out a plan with the school and a program they had set in place. We decided to go with Brain Balance after my husband and I researched different companies. Coming to Brain Balance, we decided this is the best fit for him because this is a program that is developed for Jackson’s needs, to make him more confident and to have a strong mind and stronger body."


"Brain Balance has made an extraordinary impact on our entire family. Our son has made leaps and bounds in the program in such a short amount of time. He has learned self-confidence and strength along with becoming comfortable with a variety of foods and other people. He socializes with peers in an age-appropriate manner. He focuses and learns with enjoyment. Jaymes goes through his day without much anxiety, is happy and laughs a lot! We give the coaches and staff at Brain Balance a HUGE shout out and many thanks for positively changing our lives in so many ways. We love you and are forever grateful."

Jaymes' Mom

"My son has ADHD and he was struggling in school so much. I wanted to steer away from medication and had searched for other ways to help him out. He struggled so much with focus, anxiety, impulse control and among other things. Now my son is thriving! Less repeated instructions, knows how to calm himself down in stressful situations and is able to attend to daily routines without getting sidetracked. Also, the people there are amazing! Nate, April, and Melissa are wonderful, caring, loving people to work with. They are like second family to us!"

Muhammed’s Mom

"Brain Balance is a great program! They work one on one with each child on a personalized plan to help them reach their full potential. My son had major growth and development with Brain Balance. We did about 8 months of sessions and we saw all his functioning percentages improve. He loved going to his sessions and was motivated to hit his goals. We loved his coaches and the North Olmsted Brain Balance staff. Most notable improvements are with his ability to focus. He has reactivated all his senses. We also feel he has become more social."

Carter’s Mom

"If you are desperate to find support and answers for your child, please take time to talk to the amazing, caring, knowledgeable and kind individuals at Brain Balance. Nine months ago, we started our journey at Brain Balance and I am so thankful that we invested our time and resources in this way! Our son began to sing a few months after starting the program, something he had not done in his eight years. He began to outwardly express love for his family, something we have always felt but never tangibly saw. He is aware of others and their needs, instead of only focusing on what he cares about. You become part of the Brain Balance family. Nate, April and Melissa are personally invested in the growth of your child."

Aiden’s Mom

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Our Team

Nate and April Taninecz

Executive Directors

When their oldest of three children began to show symptoms associated with what would be diagnosed as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, they responded in many of the same ways that so many parents do.  They put on a brave face and motivated themselves to do anything to help their child, but truthfully inside they felt broken, full of doubt with questions of “how” and “why” while blaming themselves and feeling alone.Enter Brain Balance.  Their hope was restored and along with it their son and their family.

melissa north olmsted microsite
Melissa Byrdy

Center Director

Melissa has a double degree in Business Administration and Sports Management with a minor in Sports Coaching from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA. During her time in college Melissa played for the women’s soccer team. In her senior year she coached at a local high school as Assistant Varsity and Head Junior Varsity Coach. Melissa has always had a passion for making a difference in a child’s life, whether it is on the field during her time as an athlete, or off the field, which led her to the YMCA.


Brain Balance Center of North Olmsted Events

When your child struggles behaviorally, academically, socially or emotionally, the impacts are felt throughout your family. After serving over 50,000 families nationally, learn how Brain Balance has improved the lives of so many children and the positive relational impacts this can have on the entire family. Now serving students under: Jon Peterson/Autism Scholarships, and Post-Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS)

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Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.

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