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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Learning Disorders (2)

How to Motivate a High School Student with Learning Differences

It can be tough to come up with ways to motivate teens, and even more of a challenge to inspire those students with learning differences. High school […]

The Most Common Middle School Struggles

Middle school can present some unique challenges that students with learning disabilities, social challenges and behavioral issues must overcome for […]

How to Boost a Student’s Confidence After Failing Test Scores

Ouch. Failing a test or other assignment always stings. But for a student with learning disabilities, getting failing grades can be heartbreaking and […]

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Slow Processing

If your child is a slow processor due to sensory processing challenges, you may want to ask their teacher to make classroom accommodations for them. […]

Visual Processing Explained: Figure-Ground Perception

Common school activities — including fun things like games and story time — can be problematic for children who struggle with visual processing […]

Top 5 Books for Kids with Dyslexia

For children who suffer from dyslexia, it can be frustrating to read books that aren't designed to help their young minds grow. Children with […]

What Happens Later? The Lifelong Impact of Learning Disorders

Learning disorders stem from neurological differences in the way we process information, and they usually show up pretty early in life. But what […]

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! Enjoy Our Top Dyslexia Articles

October is not only ADHD Awareness Month, but also Dyslexia Awareness Month. According to Dyslexia International, it is estimated that it occurs in […]

Tips to Get Your Child to Slow Down, Self-Monitor and Check Their School Work

For kids with ADHD and learning disorders, simply doing homework can be a challenge. So doing it carefully and completely? That might feel impossible […]