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4 Tips for College Students Still Struggling with Academics



Getting through high school with a learning disability is a huge accomplishment! But what happens when a teenager goes off to college? If their parents aren't around and they're in a new city, tackling academics presents new challenges.If you know a college student who is still struggling with a learning disability, here are some tips to make life (and their grades) a bit better:

1. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Accommodations

Many college campuses have an Office of Disability Services (ODS). Students with a learning disability can't be discriminated against, and you may be able to get the necessary accommodations to help you succeed. This could mean a different environment for test taking, being able to tape lectures, or not having oral exams.

2. Utilize On-Campus Tutoring Services

Many schools also encourage more senior students to offer tutoring services. If you're struggling, make your way to the career center or student services to find out how you can be paired with a tutor who can help walk you through challenging material.

3. Seek Out Quiet Study Areas

It's harder to find places to concentrate in college. Dorm rooms are usually shared, communal lounges can get rowdy, and students no longer have a private kitchen table to retreat to. Search out designated quiet areas (such as those in the school library).

4. Don't Forget to Sleep

Being away from home for the first time ushers in a time of newfound freedom. That's exciting, but it can also mean late nights. Students with a learning disability who are failing exams or struggling to study need adequate sleep. If your student is not getting at least 7 hours of sleep on a regular basis, encourage them to change their sleep habits.

College is a big change, especially for students who have a learning disability. Reaching out for support on campus is the best thing they can do for their academic success! You might be surprised how many resources are available once you start looking.

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