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How to Overcome Homework Avoidance

Avoiding homework can be pretty typical behavior for students who spend all day in school and want to spend time at home running and playing. However, getting homework done is an important part of hammering home lessons learned in class, developing time management and discipline skills, and learning responsibility. If your child shows a lot of homework avoidance, here are some helpful tips for how to overcome homework avoidance so your child can thrive.

Do Something Fun First

Don't try to make your child sit down and do homework immediately after school. Give them some time to run and play or do other activities before they have to get back to work. A break in between school and homework helps make students more willing to tackle the work.

Set and Stick to a Homework Schedule

Set aside an allotted amount of time for homework every single day, and stick to it. Build breaks into this window so they are not arbitrary and random. Your child should only be allowed to do homework during this period, so if they are avoiding work, they will only be sitting there with nothing to do—not distracting themselves with some other kind of entertainment. Sticking to a homework schedule promises a limited, finite, and reasonable amount of time that will be focused on work, which makes the task seem more tolerable to kids.

Make Homework Time Family-Wide

Homework time shouldn't just be for one child. It should be quiet work time for everyone in the family, that way no one feels like they are missing out on the fun. When you set aside homework time, pick a time where everyone can sit quietly and focus, creating a good work environment for everyone in the house.

Be there to Help

Sometimes, homework avoidance can come from the fact that the work feels hard or unmanageable. Stay nearby to help with questions (or have another capable adult nearby to provide support). Having homework help around can make it feel easier and not as painful to face.

Homework avoidance is common in kids, especially those with learning or behavioral challenges. If you think your child needs extra support to achieve better focus, improved behavior, elevated academic performance and strengthened social confidence, contact Brain Balance Achievement Centers. We can help address the underlying causes and help get them back on track so they can succeed at school and at home.

For over a decade, we’ve helped over 30,000 children improve the critical skills needed to create a brighter path for their future. Contact us online to learn more about how the Brain Balance Program can help. You can also view the research and results of the program on the website.



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