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Brain Balance Blog:
Learning Disorders (5)

Presidents with Learning Disabilities Prove that Achievement is Possible

President's Day is a great time to reflect on the achievements of America’s head of the state. But it’s also important to note that there were […]

Important Insights Into ADHD Learning Styles and Other Learning Disabilities

When it comes to teaching children who have a learning disability or ADHD, there are countless theories out there. Some are based on studies and […]

How to Support a Friend Who Has a Child With Learning Disabilities

Parents of children who have learning disabilities often find it challenging to provide all the support their children need in order to succeed in […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Memory

While children are routinely screened for eye problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness, visual processing difficulties stem from the way the […]

3 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Child

As the winter holidays start to round the corner, it's time to begin thinking about gifts your child might like. Whether you're playing Santa at […]

Visual Processing Explained: Visual Discrimination

When children struggle with visual processing issues, it can profoundly affect the way they learn. While most parents and teacher naturally think of […]

How to Survive the School Night Chaos

If you’re a parent with school-age children, you already know just how hectic the after-school hours are. Between sports practice, chores, […]

4 Negative Coping Strategies to Watch for in a Student with Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia can be incredibly clever at hiding their problems. While they may not be reading as well as their classmates, they tend to […]

Desks for Success: How to Create a Homework Space for Kids