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Learning Disorders (3)

Transitioning to Middle School: How to Manage the Stress and Anxiety of Students with Learning Disorders

Managing new situations is an essential skill to teach children with learning disorders. One of the more significant transitions for students is the […]

Reduce Back to School Stress for Dyslexic Learners

When it's time to go back to school, kids can find the change in routine stressful and overwhelming. This can be particularly true for dyslexic […]

Math Learning Disabilities Explained


Signs and Symptoms of Dyspraxia

Learning disorders like dyspraxia are not signs of low intelligence or in the case of dyspraxia, muscle weakness. They are actually brain-based […]

Avoid the Summer Slide

Improve Reading Comprehension in Students with Learning Disabilities Your child has been making progress throughout the school year; her reading has […]

Surviving the Transition From School to Summer

When school's out for the summer, kids are excited to get some freedom and a new routine. However, for kids with learning or behavioral challenges, […]

Accommodations and Resources to Help Students' Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can make academic life miserable for students who suffer from it. It often accompanies other learning disabilities, but it can also […]

Repetitive Behaviors in Kids​: When to Be Concerned

When children are bored or feeling restless, it's not uncommon for them to tap their pencils against their desks repeatedly, whistle or display some […]

How to Turn Your Child's Teacher Into Your Child's Advocate

(Especially During an IEP Meeting) The execution of an Individual Education Program (IEP) is the responsibility of your child's teacher and support […]