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Brain Balance Blog:
Summer (3)

Making a Plan for the School to Summer Transition

The end of a school year is an exciting time for kids and parents. Not only will they have more free time to spend together, but parents can properly […]

End of the School Year Survival Tips

You and your child have almost made it to the end of the school year, and that's a victory for both of you. But because your kid's behavioral, […]

How to Eat Clean While on a Family Vacation

- Holly Larson, RD It’s summertime and you know what that means….. VACATION! Whether you are headed to the beach for a week, road tripping to see […]

Amusement Parks and Kids with ADHD - Managing Expectations

Summer is an excellent time to visit an amusement park thanks to great outdoor weather and extra time off from school. However, it's also a time when […]

How to Help Your Child Avoid a Lonely Summer

About 1 in 20 teens won't see any friends over the summer break, and a lack of social interaction can be detrimental to mental health. If your kids […]

Tips for a Screen-Free Summer

Screen time and watching TV has been linked to brain changes in kids, and too much daily screen time means children have less time for play and […]

Water Play Activities That Help Improve an ADHD Student's Focus

The hot days of summer are the perfect time to break out the water play. Not only will this type of sensory activity help cool kids down and burn off […]

Avoid the Summer Slide

Improve Reading Comprehension in Students with Learning Disabilities Your child has been making progress throughout the school year; her reading has […]

How to Manage a Child's Defiant Behavior at Home this Summer

With the school year being finished up at home, many family dynamics have been altered. Increasing your time together is particularly challenging if […]