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Water Play Activities That Help Improve an ADHD Student's Focus

summer-water-activitiesThe hot days of summer are the perfect time to break out the water play. Not only will this type of sensory activity help cool kids down and burn off some restless energy, it can also improve their focus. This can be achieved by concentrating on the task at hand and connecting the play to a productive outcome. Children who struggle specifically with attention issues or ADHD can benefit greatly from the following water play activities.

Go Swimming

A dip in the neighborhood pool may be just what your child needs to get rid of any restless energy. Physical fitness activities such as swimming can lead to better mental health overall. In addition to this, the individualistic nature of gently swimming laps is better suited to kids with ADHD than more team-based sports.

Get Outside

Feeling stuck indoors or sticky from the heat? Get outside and break out those water squirters! Spending regular time in nature -- specifically outdoor areas with lots of green grass and space -- can ease symptoms of ADHD and help children concentrate better. Leave the comfort of your backyard and find a wide-open field, then get messy with water squirters, hoses or balloons! The play will satisfy their need for excitement while the free, green space will improve their focus immediately after.

Experiment at the Water Table

A great way to increase focus in younger children with ADHD is to encourage their inquisitive nature. Kids -- especially those with attention issues -- love a good mystery. Create your own in the backyard with simple toys or items found around the house! Fill up the water table or a kiddie pool and experiment with different items. Which toys sink and which toys float? What happens if you drop ice cubes in warm water? Your child will have so much fun playing with the water and concentrating on the task that they might not even realize that they're learning!
Spending the summer with a child who has trouble concentrating doesn't need to be a struggle. Enjoy those long, hot days with some water play and your child will be focusing better in no time! In fact, they might just have the best summer ever. 
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