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Tips for a Screen-Free Summer

Screen time and watching TV has been linked to brain changes in kids, and too much daily screen time means children have less time for play and movement. At Brain Balance, we recommend limiting your child’s screen time to no more than one hour per day. If you notice that your kids are cranky unless they get time with their screen, your teen is unable to stop using platforms like social media, or screen time starts affecting your family, it might be time for a screen-free summer.

Pay Attention to How Devices are Used

It's important to understand how kids are using screens. If your child is utilizing a tablet for learning games or reading, you may deem it appropriate to allow some screen use. You should also monitor your kids' reaction to screens. If taking the device away brings about anxiety and bad behavior, it's time to think about the role electronics play in your kids' lives.

Put All Screens Away at a Certain Time

Screens at bedtime can reduce the amount and quality of sleep, so pick a time before dinner to close all screens for the rest of the night. An evening free of video games and viral videos can be used playing cards, telling stories, or using other interactive toys.

Use Parental Controls

Apple has announced that iOS 12 will offer more parental controls, and many internet provider services allow you to set restrictions. Take advantage of parental controls so that clear boundaries are set. When you create rules at the start of the summer, your family can better manage screen time. You can also set hours for screen use and plan other activities away from your screens during the rest of the day.
Having a screen-free summer gives your kids more time to run off energy outside, get to know new friends, and enjoy more creative or academic activities. Check out these ideas of non-screen activities kids may enjoy doing during school breaks.
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