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Brain Balance Blog:
Sensory Processing Disorder

Primitive Reflexes Research Studies

Below is a summary of research studies on primitive reflexes and their link to symptoms and diagnoses that are commonly experienced by children and […]

Should I Discipline My Child's Sensory Seeking Behavior?

Children who have sensory processing disorder can experience sensory input in different ways. While some children get overloaded by their sensory […]

Our Favorite Holiday-Themed Sensory Diet Activities that Kids Will Love

If you have a child who has sensory processing issues, or a child who has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, one helpful exercise for […]

How to Get Through Religious Services with Sensory Processing Issues

If you're worried about the way your child responds to sensory information, know that your family is not alone. Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is […]

Holiday Sensory Kit for Kids with Sensitivities

If your child has sensory problems, it is critical to stay ahead of known triggers to minimize sensory meltdowns. There are a number of products […]

Top 5 Red Flags that are Signs of a Processing Disorder

Children with learning and behavioral challenges have struggles that can go beyond simply performing well in school and the classroom. If you're a […]

Avoid These Holiday Sensory Triggers for a More Joyful Season

The holidays can be a busy and overwhelming season full of sensory triggers for sensitive children. Flashing lights, excited peers and loud music are […]

Common End of the School Year Triggers for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. This can be an exciting time for both parents and kids, but if you're the parent of a child with […]

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Slow Processing

If your child is a slow processor due to sensory processing challenges, you may want to ask their teacher to make classroom accommodations for them. […]