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Sensory Processing Disorder (2)

How to Prepare a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder for a Doctor Visit

Visiting a doctor may be inconvenient, and at times uncomfortable, but adults know that it’s a necessary part of our general wellness. However, for a […]

Dry Brushing and Other Favorite Sensory Solutions

Learning and behavioral disorders often go hand in hand with sensory sensitivities or even sensory processing disorder. The good news is there are […]

Misophonia Explained: Signs and Symptoms of Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome

When to Say No to Pictures With Santa

Taking a photo with Santa is a cherished Christmas tradition – for some kids. For kids who are anxious, easily overstimulated, impulsive or deal with […]

How to Create New Holiday Traditions When Old Ones Fail

Holiday traditions provide meaning through ritual and practice. For young people with sensory processing disorder, ADD, and other learning disorders […]

Managing a Child's Behavior While Shopping in Holiday Crowds

Top Soft Halloween Costume Ideas for Sensory Sensitive Kids

Halloween's the most fun day of the year for some families. And in others, Halloween is the cause of a lot of misery. Sensory issues make Halloween […]

5 Must-Have Tools to Encourage Back to School Self-Care

As kids go back to school after the summer, they'll be spending more time out of the house and with other kids, and thus, it's important for them to […]

Back-to-School Prep for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

Going back to school after the summer can feel like a tough transition for any kid. However, if your child has sensory processing challenges, the […]