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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Sensory Processing Disorder (4)

How to Calm Meltdowns in Children with Asperger Syndrome (ASD)

All kids throw tantrums. They fuss, they scream, they cry and sometimes, they even throw things. They do this at home and in public because they're […]

Back to School: Tips for Kids with Sensory Processing Issues

Going back to school can be overwhelming for any child. However, for children with sensory processing difficulties, returning to school after the […]

Summer Activities for Children with Sensory Sensitivities

Parents of children with sensory sensitivities may feel a sense of anxiety in advance of summertime activities. Summer heat, playtime with large […]

Explaining Learning Differences to Your Child

4 Tips for Easier Outings With a Sensitive Child

Vacation Destinations for Kids Who Struggle

Vacation planning tips for families with children who struggle with sensory, social and behavioral issues.

Guiding Students with Sensory Processing Disorder to Academic Success

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) can be experienced in different ways, making it particularly challenging to manage for parents and teachers. Some […]

At-Home Playground Ideas to Enhance Childhood Development

Adaptive play can give better childhood development results for children who struggle with conditions like ADHD, or sensory processing disorder and […]

Top 10 Children's Books for Kids with ADHD, Learning Differences and Sensory Processing Disorder

The following books offer information and support to kids who struggle with ADHD, learning differences and sensory issues. These are great gift […]