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Avoid These 4 Phrases That Destroy Testing Confidence

Testing is a tough but important part of schooling for any child. However, students who struggle academically or who have learning challenges can find testing to be particularly daunting. Students with low academic self-confidence can perform poorly on tests, merely because they lack the ability to approach the test with self-assuredness.

If you are a parent of a child who struggles with testing confidence, there are some ways you can help your child approach the test without fear. One is to avoid repeating phrases that have been shown to lower testing confidence in kids across the board. Keep these test tips in mind to help your child perform to the best of their ability on testing day.

1. "This is a big deal."

Students already feel pressure to perform well on standardized test. Reminding them how crucial the test is can only increase their anxiety. Stay calm and positive about the test, and you can help them feel more relaxed and go into the testing day with a sense of ease.

2. "Just apply yourself."

Doing well on standardized tests isn't necessarily about how hard a child works. There is a lot of strategy involved in test-taking, as well as discipline and time management. Telling students who struggle with testing to apply themselves even though they work hard may feel hopeless that there's no chance for a better outcome.

3. "Do better than last time."

Your child may have performed poorly before. However, don't point out past failures before another test. Instead, calm anxiety and boost confidence by pointing out times in the past where the student has succeeded. Talk about good grades the child has gotten or other times they've excelled in school. Reminding them of times they did well will help increase their belief in their abilities.

4. "Focus on the test."

It may be your inclination to tell your child to focus on the upcoming test so that they can be prepared to do well on it. However, focusing too much on the task that is daunting can cause their confidence to slip. Instead, encourage other activities that feel good and boost confidence—playing sports, seeing friends, or focusing on other school subjects. 

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