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Parent-Free, Active Play Ideas for a Rainy Day



When the rain hits and the kids are at home, everyone can get a bit antsy. If you start to feel like your kids or teens are under your foot, you're not alone. It's tempting to turn on the TV and let it play all day -- but screentime should be limited and screens aren't the only parent-free activity when it's raining cats and dogs! Here are four ideas for brain-friendly fun.

1. Creating Watercolor Masterpieces

Put down some newspaper or a tarp, break out some cardboard or printer paper, and fill a few glasses with water. All you need now is some watercolor paints and brushes for hours of fun. Watercolors don't need a lot of parental supervision. They wash out of most clothes (though it never hurts to paint in older shirts and pants).

2. Making Paper Bag Puppets

Have some brown bags in a kitchen drawer? You have some potential puppets on your hands. With markers, glue, glitter, and other crafts, your kids can make their own original puppets. Then they'll spend hours making up characters and putting on shows -- all without the need for you to stand watch. Until the final show, of course.

3. Doing Indoor Camping

Spare blankets and pillows can quickly become an indoor fort or tent. Once your indoor camping area is constructed, your kiddos can spend hours in their creation. Reading, board games, and legos are more fun at a makeshift campsite.

4. Making Up Routines

With a playlist of kid-friendly songs and an empty room, kids can make up all sorts of routines. Lip syncing, dancing, skits, and more let kids come up with exciting ideas on their own. Routines don't require a lot of parental involvement and they encourage young people to explore their creativity.

Don't let a gloomy day rain on your parade. Even without parents available to supervise, your kids can have fun and stay safe all day long. Between art, games, and skits, you never know what your kids and teens will come up with while you're up to other stuff.

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