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Repetitive Behaviors in Kids​: When to Be Concerned

When children are bored or feeling restless, it's not uncommon for them to tap their pencils against their desks repeatedly, whistle or display some […]

How ADHD Differs in Teens Vs. Children

From hyperactivity to impulsiveness to inattention, the signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can vary from child to child. But ADHD may […]

What to Know Before Your Child's 504 or IEP Annual Review

  You've gotten a notice in the mail or a phone call reminding you that your child's annual 504 or IEP review is going to take place. Whether you're […]

Presidents with Learning Disabilities Prove that Achievement is Possible

  President's Day is a great time to reflect on the achievements of America’s head of the state. But it’s also important to note that there were […]

Important Insights Into ADHD Learning Styles and Other Learning Disabilities

When it comes to teaching children who have a learning disability or ADHD, there are countless theories out there. Some are based on studies and […]

How to Help Your Child with ADHD Complete Tasks

  If you have a child who has trouble remaining focused and paying attention, you may discover they have a hard time finishing tasks. This can […]

Impulsivity Explained: Understanding Impulsivity in Children

It can be difficult to keep up with kids who randomly run off into the distance or impatiently wait in line while shoving others. It's also tempting […]

Stick With It! Teaching Your Child the Power of Perseverance

Following through with difficult tasks requires sustained mental or physical effort. It’s a toughness that we develop over time that allows us to […]

How to Survive Cabin Fever with a Hyperactive Child

  When Mother Nature drops an inch or five of snow outside and the wind chill bites your face each time you open the door, staying indoors can become […]