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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
ADHD (3)

Key Advice for Helping Students with ADHD Work in Groups

When your child has ADHD, they may find it hard to complete schoolwork in groups with other students. However, being able to work in a group […]

A Day in the Life of a Student with ADHD

Being a student with ADHD has its challenges, but with the help of supportive adults and a reliable schedule, kids with attention deficit issues can […]

October is ADHD Awareness Month! Enjoy Our Top ADHD Articles

October is ADHD Awareness Month! Each year, Brain Balance Achievement Centers is proud to share our comprehensive ADHD Guide to promote awareness and […]

Tips to Get Your Child to Slow Down, Self-Monitor and Check Their School Work

For kids with ADHD and learning disorders, simply doing homework can be a challenge. So doing it carefully and completely? That might feel impossible […]

Avoid Back-to-School Boredom: 3 Tips for ADHD Students When School Behavior is Affected

For some families, the start of a new school year is incredibly stressful. Students with ADHD struggle to sit still and focus on tasks, and because […]

How Better Sleep Habits Can Help Kids with ADHD Do Better in School

It’s not just stressed-out executives and parents of infants who aren't getting enough sleep. Doctors and teachers alike will tell you that kids in […]

Teaching Teens with ADHD Money Management

Raising a teen has plenty of challenges, especially if that teen has ADHD . One skill that is important for teens to learn as they grow older is […]

Amusement Parks and Kids with ADHD - Managing Expectations

Summer is an excellent time to visit an amusement park thanks to great outdoor weather and extra time off from school. However, it's also a time when […]

Summer Outdoor Activities That Build Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skills relate to hand-eye coordination and control over small muscles, but gross motor skills cover a much broader set of skills. Kids […]