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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
ADHD (5)

Important Insights Into ADHD Learning Styles and Other Learning Disabilities

When it comes to teaching children who have a learning disability or ADHD, there are countless theories out there. Some are based on studies and […]

How to Help Your Child with ADHD Complete Tasks

If you have a child who has trouble remaining focused and paying attention, you may discover they have a hard time finishing tasks. This can include […]

Impulsivity Explained: Understanding Impulsivity in Children

It can be difficult to keep up with kids who randomly run off into the distance or impatiently wait in line while shoving others. It's also tempting […]

Stick With It! Teaching Your Child the Power of Perseverance

Following through with difficult tasks requires sustained mental or physical effort. It’s a toughness that we develop over time that allows us to […]

How to Survive Cabin Fever with a Hyperactive Child

When Mother Nature drops an inch or five of snow outside and the wind chill bites your face each time you open the door, staying indoors can become […]

Get Organized in 2018! Tips for Students with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes your child's brain a virtual beehive of activity. The various buzzing thoughts often lead to very […]

3 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving

Bring out the cornucopia and baste that turkey! Thanksgiving is here in all its glory, complete with fall, food and family. The holidays can be a […]

Five Activity Ideas to Help a Child with Hyperactivity through the Holidays

Anyone with children knows the holiday season is an exciting time. From family gatherings to school activities to weekend fun, there’s so much to do […]

How to Improve Focus in ADHD Students

If your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, you may have noticed that they struggle to focus on tasks that do not interest […]