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3 Ways to Get Your Teen to Go Outside and “Play”



Do you have a teen that spends more time inside than out in the fresh air? Do you only have sightings of this elusive teenager during the evening, when they venture out of their room and away from electronics for a snack?

You’ll be happy to learn – you aren’t alone. There are some tips and strategies you can use to help encourage your teen to get outside. Use the information here to reduce screen time and increase sun-time.

Lead by Example

Does it seem like your teen is always ignoring you and what you do? Take heart in the fact they really are watching.

If you're always on your phone, checking emails, looking at Facebook, etc., then your child will likely to do the same thing. Before you try to get your teen to put their phone or tablet away, consider your own actions. Don’t text during dinner and be sure get plenty of exercise. When your teen sees you can live without your phone, they will be more willing to put theirs down, too

Give Tech Rewards to Help Encourage Exercise

If you have a teen who’s reluctant to swap out texting privileges to take the dog for a walk, it’s time to play hardball. At this point, you have to up the stakes and not give them a choice.

Let the teen know that if they want to use their phone, they are going to have to earn the right to do so by getting some type of physical activity. You can make it an even exchange – each minute your teen spends time doing something physical outside can be traded for time on their phone.

Plan Things You Can Do Together

If you are dedicated to getting your teen outside, make sure you are willing to get out there with them. Plan activities you can do together, such as walking or playing a sport in the yard as a family, having an exercise competition or an outside dance party. 

By using the tips and information found here, you can feel confident that your teen will get out of the house and get physical this summer. It will be well worth the effort in the long run.

As a parent, it is heart-wrenching to watch your teen struggle. Brain Balance has worked with over 40,000 kids and their families, and we know we can help yours, too. Contact us today!

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