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Experience What It’s Like To Have A Learning Disorder

Struggling with learning and behavioral disorders can make daily school work an overwhelming challenge. A simple reading assignment can be difficult to complete and understand when you lose focus and are easily distracted. This is what a child with an attention issue deals with everyday.

Experiencing firsthand what it feels like to have an attention issue allows us to empathize with friends and classmates dealing with these challenges. Understanding and appreciating what others struggle with can help minimize teasing and bullying in and out of school.

This video by Brain Balance Achievement Centers will help you understand what children with learning difficulties, like ADHD, might experience during a classroom reading assignment.

Now that you’ve watched the video and read the passage, please take some time to try and answer the following questions. We think you’ll find it to be more challenging that you could have ever imagined!

  1. What did Bobby’s mom pack him for lunch?
    1. Turkey and cheese sandwich
    2. Peanut butter and jelly
    3. Pepperoni pizza
  2. What did Susie forget at home?
    1. A sweater
    2. Lucky pencil
    3. Lunch
  3. Where was Bobby going to after school?
    1. Little league
    2. Piano lesson
    3. Dinner with his grandparents
  4. What was the name of Bobby and Susie’s teacher?
    1. Mrs. Allen
    2. Ms. Schaefer
    3. Mrs. Crawford
Answers: c, b, a, c

So how did you do? Now you can better empathize with a child who has a learning or attention issue.

About Brain Balance Achievement Centers

If your child has learning or behavioral issues, consider the Brain Balance Program®. Clinical research indicates that most neuro-developmental disorders have in common an under-connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain called Functional Disconnection Syndrome. After completing a comprehensive assessment in one of our centers, our team develops a customized program to address your child’s particular issues. Our program integrates physical, sensory motor, and cognitive exercises with nutritional guidance to effectively address the root cause of these issues, leading to a reduction or elimination of negative symptoms and behaviors. Contact us today to learn more!