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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog

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Brain Balance Proves Life Changing for One North Carolina Family

Fun and Practical Family Summer Vacation Tips for Success

Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs and Outcomes for the Brain Balance Program, was recently interviewed on the news channel "Channel 3 […]

Help Kids Retain And Keep Learning After a Year of At-Home Schooling

In this episode; Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs and Outcomes for Brain Balance, was recently interviewed on the popular podcast […]

Brain Balance Exercise Challenge: Alphabet Game

This Brain Balance Exercise Challenge combines physical movement with a lesson in spelling. Movement is an effective strategy to help boost learning. […]

Brain Balance Exercise Challenge: Agility Ladder

Brain Balance Exercise Challenge: Agility Ladder! This fun, outdoor activity is great for the whole family.  All your family needs is a ruler and […]

Brain Balance Exercise Challenge: Sequencing "TikTok" Style

Parents, get ready to "TikTok," Brain Balance style! This sequencing exercise is good for the brain, at any age! Your child is probably already […]

Brain Balance Exercise Challenge: Balloon Game

Grab a balloon and a pool noodle and get ready to move! This Brain Balance Exercise Challenge combines movement, coordination, and cognitive skills. 

Facts about picky eating you need to know

Do you feel frustrated by how few foods your picky eater will eat? Does dinnertime feel more like a battle ground then a peaceful end to your long […]

The COVID Slide: Helping Parents and Kids Climb Back Up

There’s a new slide in town—a slide you won’t find on the school playground. Known as the COVID Slide, it describes the decline in academic retention […]