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How to Stay Focused at School Despite Holiday Distractions

  As the holidays approach along with the promise of an extended break from schoolwork, students may get distracted from work in the classroom. Many […]

Final Exam Tips for Students with Learning Differences


Family Gathering Tips for Parents of Kids with Behavioral Issues

  The holidays can be a stressful time for any family, but they can be particularly challenging for a family that has a child with behavioral issues, […]

How to Manage Unsolicited Parenting Advice

  When your child struggles with behavior or learning, you will often find that other parents are quick to give advice about how to handle your […]

Normal Social Expectations by Age

As a parent, it's tough to identify whether or not your child is developing as expected. After all, each child is unique and understanding what is […]

Gratitude and the Brain: What is Happening?

Practicing gratitude and positive thinking on a daily basis (not just Thanksgiving) can change your brain and your life! The same area of the brain […]

Family Gathering Survival Tips for Families with Hyperactive Kids

Children with ADHD and other hyperactive kids can have difficulty navigating family gatherings. This is especially the case during the holidays when […]

Eat Clean With Our Thanksgiving Shopping List

Thanksgiving is almost here! At Brain Balance, we know that it is possible to enjoy a delicious meal and eat the foods that support your child’s best […]

Could My Child's Diet Be Causing Anxious Behavior?

  Childhood anxiety is on-the-rise, and for those impacted, a healthy, balanced diet is critical. Within the United States, approximately 7.1 percent […]