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Should I Discipline My Child's Sensory Seeking Behavior?

Children who have sensory processing disorder can experience sensory input in different ways. While some children get overloaded by their sensory […]

10 Ideas for a Family Fresh Start: Improve Defiant and Disruptive Behavior

If you notice that your child is being highly disruptive, defiant, aggressive, or anti-social, it's imperative that you take proactive action — […]

Top Brain Games that Improve a Student's Focus and Attention

There is no shortage of brain games available, and in recent years, their popularity has continued to rise — particularly among those with ADHD and […]

10 Ideas for a Family Fresh Start: Improve Cognitive Skills

Cognitive development is important for any child, but it can be especially crucial if your child suffers from any behavioral or learning challenge. […]

Cut Screen Time Now: 10 Fun Family Activities for a Healthy Tech Detox

If you're a parent with kids living in the digital world, there's a good chance you've thought long and hard about screen time. You may have even […]

10 Ideas for a Family Fresh Start: Eat Clean

It's a new year, and a new opportunity to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. Having a positive impact on all aspects of your health, optimal […]

10 Ideas for a Family Fresh Start: Get Active

Being active is important for people of all ages, including kids, especially when it comes to physical health. But an active lifestyle can be […]

Brain Building Nutrition by Age

Although nutrition requirements vary by age, there are a few healthy constants that will remain throughout our lifespan - colorful fruits and […]

5 Ways Outdoor Play Enhances Cognitive Development

Playing outside is a great way for kids to get exercise, spend time with friends, and take a break from screens. But, did you realize that playing […]