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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
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How to Manage Unsolicited Parenting Advice

  When your child struggles with behavior or learning, you will often find that other parents are quick to give advice about how to handle your […]

Gratitude and the Brain: What is Happening?

Practicing gratitude and positive thinking on a daily basis throughout the year can change your brain and your life! The same area of the brain that […]

Family Gathering Survival Tips for Families with Hyperactive Kids

Children with ADHD and other hyperactive kids can have difficulty navigating family gatherings. This is especially the case during the holidays when […]

Teal Pumpkin Project: A Healthier Way to Celebrate Halloween

  As a parent, you are probably concerned about the amount of sugar in your child's diet. Too much sugar is linked to poor health outcomes, and many […]

How to Survive Special Education IEP Battles

  When you have a child that has special learning needs, it can feel like a challenge to ensure they're getting adequate education and attention at […]

5 Tips for Developing the Perfect Behavior Intervention Plan

  If your child is in need of a behavior intervention plan, there are certain steps you'll need to take. The goal is to work alongside your child's […]

Are My Child’s Sleep Issues Related to School Anxiety?


Five Tips for Helping Your Child Get Out of Their School Comfort Zone

    As parents, we all face unique challenges when it comes to raising our children. One of the more distinct ones comes when a child falls into a […]

How to Overcome After-School Activity Anxiety

    Living with anxiety makes social and academic situations challenging. Sometimes this can stop children from getting wellness benefits out of […]