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3 Tips for Keeping Your Child with ADHD on Track with Schoolwork and Chores

Does your child with ADHD fail to finish schoolwork or chores? Use these tips to help an easily distracted student.

Getting kids to complete homework and chores can be a bit like herding cats. It's a challenge. When your young ones have ADHD, there are special roadblocks. However, with a few tricks you can keep your easily distracted student on schedule (especially as the school year comes to an end). Read on for three tips to keeping ADHD kids more focused.

1. Create an Ideal Environment

Whether it's working on math homework or sorting laundry, think carefully about where your child sets up shop. Avoid sitting them near a window or high-traffic area where distractions are abundant. Set up a space that is reserved for homework whenever possible and turn off the TV and silence all phones when it's time to vacuum or dust.

2. Make Learning Interactive

Make learning as active as possible. Instead of just reading a passage, encourage your child to underline important passages or highlight different themes within the content. For math problems, encourage the use of blocks or other objects to help find a solution. The more active you can make any chore or study session, the less likely your student with ADHD will get restless and become irritable.

3. Plan Focused Time After Exercise

Still having a hard time getting your child to focus on the task at hand? Plan weekly chores and homework sessions after an hour of outdoor activity. Giving your kids a chance to burn off some energy before they're asked to focus can increase productivity and reduce restlessness. If they are still antsy, allow them to pace in the room a bit while they recite vocabulary or dry the dishes -- anything that allows them to make progress while burning off some jitters.
Getting kids with ADHD to focus is challenging but not impossible. With some planning and a bit of patience, you can develop effective routines for overcoming distractions. Remember to break tasks into chunks so your ADHD child has a chance to take a breather as needed.
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