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Explaining Learning Differences to Your Child

4 Tips for Easier Outings With a Sensitive Child

Sports and Special Needs: Tips for Working With Your Child’s Coach

When your child struggles in the classroom, his or her participation in sports can provide a welcome dose of joy and a place to shine. It’s important […]

Tips for Transitioning From School to the Summer

Summer vacation might sound blissful after a packed school year, especially if your child struggles with academics or doesn’t enjoy the daily […]

5 Ways to Help Teens with ADHD Succeed In School

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a condition characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattention, hyperactivity, […]

Kid-Friendly Brain Building Games

Setting screen time limits is important to healthy childhood development, due to the findings of a recent study that showed, "preschoolers with […]

3 Tips to Help Calm a Student with Behavior Issues

Behavioral issues and lack of focus in the classroom can cause students to fall behind. Whether a child is experiencing anxiety, sensory meltdowns or […]

Writing Strategies for Students Who Struggle

Writing struggles are common among school-aged children and can be especially challenging for children with a brain imbalance related to learning […]

Executive Functioning: Designing a Useful Homework Center

If your child struggles with organization and other aspects of executive functioning, you know that homework time can be one of the biggest […]