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5 Ways to Help Teens with ADHD Succeed In School

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a condition characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior.  Due to the added stress of the hormonal changes of adolescence, teenagers with ADHD may find it particularly challenging to stay motivated academically.  With the proper tools, resources and support system, students with ADHD can achieve academic success. The following is an overview of five ways to help teens with ADHD succeed in school.

1. Stress Relief Tools

Stress relief tools such as fidget spinners and stress balls are excellent for students who struggle with ADHD. These tools not only help to eliminate jitters and nervous energy, but they also help keep students focused. Speak to your teen's teacher about finding a suitable stress relief tool that the student may use throughout the day. This tool can be very effective for students who are fidgety or need assistance channeling nervous energy.

2. Alternative School Programs

Another option to help students with ADHD is to enroll them in an alternative program. While many parents may be resistant to the idea of trying an unconventional schooling program, such a program could be ideal for a teen with ADHD. In an age when alternative teaching methods are becoming more prevalent, a different program can allow your child to work in an environment that fosters creativity while limiting distractions.

For example, by enrolling a musically inclined teen in a performing arts school, your teen will not only become a better musician, but he will also benefit from an alternative structure and alternative set of regulations. Moreover, with smaller class composition your child will get the extra attention that he needs.

3. Extracurricular Activities

If your teen has any interest in extracurricular activities (band, sports, theater, etc.), you can use this method to keep her focused in school. Not only must your teen maintain a certain GPA to be allowed to play in sports games, but your teen's coaches and other team members may offer other forms of assistance like tutoring, encouragement, or additional daily structure.

4. Routine, Routine, Routine

Routine and structure are important to effective ADHD management. While it may be better to give some teens a more relaxed structure, teens with ADHD benefit from a structured routine while in school. Allocating time each day for studying, exercise and rest will serve as a solid foundation for a successful scholastic and professional career.

5. Rewards

If you are having trouble motivating your teen to succeed in school, consider tying their progress to a reward. Does your child love a certain band? Tell your teen that if he keeps grades up for a certain amount of time, you will pay for tickets to an upcoming concert. This is not always an ideal method, but for those who are not otherwise motivated, it can be a good option for increasing engagement and motivation.

Finding ways to help a teen with ADHD succeed in school can be challenging. However, if through patience, creativity and persistence, you can discover effective ways to help your teen stay motivated and achieve school success.

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