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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
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Ways to Reward Good Classroom Behavior Without Sugar

Classroom Party Treat Alternatives and Candy Free Teacher Reward Ideas It is back to school time; with the new pencils and backpacks come classroom […]

5 Ways to Help Your Child with Social Struggles Make New Friends

It’s important to understand that children who suffer from academic issues such as dyslexia and ADHD often experience setbacks in their social skills […]

More Tips for Transitioning Back into the School Routine

After a long summer of late night bonfires, sleeping in or sleeping over at friends' houses, children need to be transitioned back into their school […]

School Supply List for Students with Learning Differences and Attention Issues

As children head back to school, it's time to shop for school supplies. While you may not see the following items on the typical school supply list, […]

Program Peek: Near-Far Eye Exercise

In order to better understand The Brain Balance Program®, we're sharing one of our exercise videos that is part of our comprehensive library and […]

Visual Processing Explained

Reading struggles and lack of classroom attention are often blamed on a student’s inability to see the blackboard or need for reading glasses. While […]

Back to School With Dyslexia: Tips and Tricks

6 Strategies for Back to School with Clean Eating

Meeting Your Child's Teacher for the First Time