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5 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids with Dyslexia

Did you know that some of the world's greatest artists had dyslexia? For instance, the famous author Agatha Christie had dyslexia, although that […]

Finding Balance: Tips for Parents of Kids Who Struggle

If you have a child with academic, social or behavioral issues like ADHD, dyslexia or another learning disorder, you may struggle to balance your […]

Kid-Friendly, High Calorie Recipes

More Savory Balance 360 Approved Alternatives to PediaSure®  : Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Clean Eating

Using Graphic Organizers to Design Student Success

Graphic organizers can be great tools for guiding student success, especially for students with learning differences and behavioral issues. These […]

Auditory Processing Disorder in the Classroom — How Parents Can Help

Auditory processing can impact not only the ability to hear what's being said, but also the interpretation of what's said, a student's ability to pay […]

7 Practical Ways Parents Can Help a Child with Dyscalculia

Many children struggle with learning disabilities that can hinder their ability to process and understand information. Dyscalculia is a developmental […]

Study Tips for Students with Academic Struggles


Program Peek: Finger Game

In order to better understand The Brain Balance Program®, we’re sharing one of our primitive (infant) reflex exercise videos that is part of our […]

5 Parenting Tips When Your Child is Disruptive in Class

Every parent dreads receiving a call from a child's school in the middle of the day. The call is not often to congratulate parents about something or […]